Harrison Ford May Have Found His Successor as Everyone’s Favorite Archaeologist Indiana Jones

by Lauren Boisvert

Could Phoebe Waller-Bridge be the next Indiana Jones? The Fleabag creator will star alongside Harrison Ford in the 5th Indiana Jones installment, expected in 2022. With this being Ford’s last adventure as the archeologist, rumors abound that Waller-Bridge could replace him as Indiana Jones. If she does, she would be the first female lead in the series since its inception in 1981.

Waller-Bridge has the look of a plucky, adventurous graduate student tasked with taking over the role of Indiana Jones. She could easily slot into the role at the end of the new film. This could lead into a revitalization of the series with a new star, new stories, and new adventures.

It has been 14 years since the last Indiana Jones installment, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. To really make you feel the years, it has been more than 4 decades since Raiders of the Lost Ark came out.

‘Indiana Jones 5’: Plot? Returning Characters? The 60s?

Everything is speculation and rumor. But there are some theories that the new Indiana Jones could take place in the 1960s. This brings us into the era of the space race; in a post by The Illuminerdi, it was speculated that Mads Mikkelson could play a Nazi scientist tasked with working for NASA on their moon landing initiative. It wouldn’t be an Indiana Jones movie if Harrison Ford didn’t get the opportunity to punch a Nazi.

According to Radio Times, Steven Spielberg won’t be directing an Indiana Jones movie for the first time in the franchise; he announced that he was stepping down from the project in February, and James Mangold, who directed Logan, was hired to take his place. Radio Times speculates that Indiana Jones could take a page from Logan‘s book, as they “share a similar narrative theme of an aging icon going on one last hurrah.”

There has been hope that Karen Allen could reprise her role as Marion Ravenwood in the new film. Jones and Marion married at the end of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, so her absence could be hard to explain. In 2018, Allen told CinemaBlend, “I’m very much hoping that I will be a part of it and I think, from my understanding, they are creatively working away on a script that they will be happy enough with.”

However, Jones and Marion’s son Mutt, played by Shia LaBeouf, will most likely not return for the 5th installment. The film hinted that Mutt was supposed to take over his father’s profession. But in 2017 screenwriter David Koepp revealed that “LaBeouf’s character does not feature in the upcoming fifth entry.”

As for Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Kathleen Kennedy has stated there are “big, bold changes” coming for the franchise. Daily Mail claims Kennedy said, of Waller-Bridge taking the role as Jones, “It would be a huge statement. And a great role for Phoebe.”