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Harrison Ford Reveals His Favorite Movie of All Time, and It’s Not One of His

by Craig Garrett
Harrison Ford
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford has been a part of several iconic franchises over his long and storied career. From Han Solo to Jack Ryan, the gruff 1923 star has played a wide variety of characters over the years. With that in mind, it may come as a surprise what Ford considers his all-time favorite film. In 2011, when AFI asked the legendary actor to name his favorite film of all time in an interview feature, he chose a movie that had stirred him during his youth.

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“I think if I had to pick just one film to which I had a very strong reaction and can remember vividly – how I felt – it would be To Kill a Mockingbird,” Ford told the American Film Institute per Far Out Magazine). “I think it had all the elements of a great film. And it had a moral, a sort of… It had such a strong moral register, I think. That’s why I would say it’s very nearly my favorite film.”

Director Robert Mulligan’s 1962 movie adaptation of Harper Lee’s classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, has been etched into Hollywood history as one of the most triumphant adaptions ever produced. The film starred Oscar-winning actor Gregory Peck in his iconic role as Atticus Finch, an unwavering father, and lawyer who stands up for racial equality despite daunting odds. It also featured the breakthrough performance from Robert Duvall playing Arthur ‘Boo’ Radley.

Harrison Ford calls Gregory Peck’s performance ‘remarkable’

Ford was reticent to name To Kill a Mockingbird his favorite because he feared leaving out other films that had slipped his mind. He then went on to express why Peck is one of his most beloved actors. “I think Peck was remarkable,” Ford gushed. “He had a… It was impossible to see him act; he just didn’t do it. He brought truth and vivid storytelling to the screen. But I don’t think he was so much interested in performance as he was in storytelling. I admired him greatly.”

Meanwhile, Ford recently opened up about a modern actor that he admires: Tom Cruise. Of course, it may have more to do with a shared love of aviation than his performances. “I like Tom. We talk about flying,” Ford recently told The Hollywood Reporter.” However, there’s one huge difference between the veteran action stars. “He’s far deeper into physical acting than I ever was,” Ford admits.

Tom Cruise seems to up the ante with his stunt work with each film. Meanwhile, Indiana Jones himself doesn’t mind letting Hollywood magic do its thing. “I don’t mind running, jumping, falling down, rolling around on the floor with sweaty guys,” Ford joked. “Tom takes it to a whole new level that’s pretty amazing.”