Harrison Ford Surprises Firefighter to Congratulate Him on 31 Years of Service Ahead of Retirement

by Kati Michelle

Even Harrison Ford was surprised by the happenstance meeting that took place with a firefighter who recently completed 31 years of service and was on his way to retire. While shooting another installation of the legendary “Indiana Jones” series in London, Ford found himself parked outside the London Fire Brigade. Here, Station Officer Ryan Osborne stopped the star to converse. It was also Osborne who then introduced Ford to hero Andrew Shaw. The pair shared in a brief conversation where Ford offered up his congratulations. Later, the Brigade shared the lucky moment in a tweet.

A Lesser Known Harrison Ford Hit

This London outing marks another unexpected appearance by Harrison Ford, who has been healing a set wound for quite some time now. Despite taking an indefinite leave of absence from acting, however, his reputation continues to precede him. In fact, one of his more tamer works is re-surfacing across the globe. Reaching the top ten most viewed film in the likes of Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine, The Secret Life of Pets 2 found its second wind after an initial release date back in 2019.

This flick doesn’t involve any harrowing stunts by Ford but rather borrows his voice to bring an animated dog to life. The film follows Ford’s character as he tries to teach other dogs about the ropes of a hard knock life. In talking to USA Today, Ford recounts his experiences with animals.

“My father was in advertising, and one of his accounts was Lincoln Park Zoo and the (TV show) “Zoo Parade” with Marlin Perkins. So I would go with him every weekend and Marlin Perkins would take me around, show me different animals and walk me backstage through the exhibits. I was a city boy growing up in Chicago, and I just had a real interest in and affinity for the creatures of the natural world.”

Harrison Ford: Dog Person or Cat Person?

In the same USA Today interview, Harrison Ford talks about growing up with animals. “We didn’t have a dog until we moved out of Chicago and into the suburbs, so I was about 12.” He goes on. “Our first dog was Lady and we had three or four dogs growing up, all rescues. I’ve never owned anything (else).” Finally, he reveals how he personally feels about the dog person versus cat person debacle. “And I’ve never had a cat – the first Mrs. Ford (Mary Marquardt) had a cat, but I don’t like cats.”

Ford and his wife, Calista Flockhart, have taken to rescuing several dogs over the years. Based on what Ford says about their animals, they are treated like royalty. “(Laughs) They sleep on our bed, actually. I wish I could control things the way Rooster (his Secret Life of Pets 2 character) does, but no. In my house, my wife thinks it’s cruel and unusual punishment not to have [the dogs] in bed with us.”