‘Harry Potter’ Actor Tom Felton Reportedly Saved by Surfing Icon After Ryder Cup Collapse

by Leanne Stahulak

Renowned surfer Kelly Slater reportedly rescued “Harry Potter” actor Tom Felton after he collapsed at the Ryder Cup golfing tournament last Thursday.

At this time, Felton hasn’t revealed what caused him to collapse on the 18th hole of the golf course. He participated in the celebrity exhibition round prior to the actual tournament that pits the U.S. against Europe. Felton, along with other European superstars, competed against a team of American celebrities (including Slater) in the Ryder Cup Celebrity Match.

According to The Sun, after Felton collapsed, several people stood shell-shocked while Slater immediately moved to help the actor.

“Everyone was stunned and taken aback, but what cameras didn’t see is that Kelly jumped straight into action,” a source told The Sun. “He ran over to Tom and immediately put him in the recovery position well before medics were on the scene. He then stayed with him, keeping him calm, keeping him as safe as possible.”

The recovery position is common in first-aid practices. You roll the person onto their side, extending one arm out and bending the other in toward their face, so their head rests on the back of their hand. Then you straighten one leg and bend the other 90 degrees. According to the National Health Service, this keeps the person’s airways clear and prevents them from choking on vomit or fluids.

Once medics arrived at the scene at the Ryder Cup, they carried Felton away on a stretcher on a golf cart. For a while, fans had no idea what happened to the star and whether he’d be okay. Eventually, Felton’s friend Derek Pitts posted an update on the actor on Friday morning.

“He’s okay,” Pitts wrote on his Instagram Stories. “Speedy recovery brother.”

How is Tom Felton Doing Now After Collapsing at the Ryder Cup?

According to The Daily Mail, Felton is “feeling better by the day” after his “medical incident.”

The actor posted an update on his condition to his own Instagram during the Ryder Cup this weekend. He posted a video of himself playing guitar and spoke about how he’s feeling.

“Hello everyone, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the lovely well wishes as of recent. Yeah, a bit of a scary episode really,” Felton revealed. “People have been taking really good care of me, so thank you very much to anyone who has sent messages of ‘Get well soon.’ Because I am on the mend officially, in case you were worried.”

Felton started playing his guitar, singing a quick verse about how “Tom’ll be doing just fine.”

“Thank you so much for your help, I’m on the road to recovery. Time to go watch some Ryder Cup action!” Felton concluded.