HBO Launches Podcast in Honor of 20th Anniversary of ‘Band of Brothers’

by Keeli Parkey

In September 2001, the World War II HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers” aired for the first time. In honor of the popular drama’s 20th anniversary, the network has launched a new podcast.

According to a report by “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, the miniseries debuted on Sept. 9, 2001. That’s just two days before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 changed the United States of America forever.

“Band of Brothers” told the true story of Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army. The goal of the new podcast is to discuss how the miniseries impacted its viewers. It is hosted by Roger Bennett. He, along with actor Ron Livingston, talked about the project and the miniseries on Thursday, Sept. 9. Livingston, who is known for his roles in “Office Space” and “Boardwalk Empire,” played Captain Lewis Nixon III in the miniseries.

“Our first episodes aired on Sept. 9. So, and we had a watch party. A bunch of the guys got together to watch it together,” Livingston said. “That’s the last pre-9/11 event that I remember. It’s sort of after that moment everything changed. And, uh, I think the show just kind of went hand-in-hand with what was going on. And it still is 20 years later.”

Livingston also commented on “Band of Brothers” in light of the recent exit from Afghanistan by the United States. “We’re getting out of the war that began shortly after the show aired. I think there’s a lot of parallels to it,” he shared. “It’s, to me, also really caught up in that time.”

‘Band of Brothers’ Podcast Host Said Show ‘Represented Everything That’s Great About’ the United States

On Thursday, Roger Bennett explained what brought about the special 20th anniversary “Band of Brothers” podcast.

“I adore ‘Band of Brothers.’ Watching it for the first time, Sept. 9, 2001, it represented everything that’s great about the America I grew up with. Just a show filled with empathy, courage, everyday heroism, global leadership, the follow-me ethos, with which I have always associated America,” Bennett also said.

The podcast host also pointed out how “Band of Brothers” told the stories of a dwindling group in American society – World War II veterans.

“I read last summer that in June 2020 there were approximately 300,000 Second World War veterans still alive. But by June 2021, that number had dwindled to just 100,000. The youngest now are in their late 90s. When you read those numbers it becomes clear why the ‘Band of Brothers’ story becomes more important and ever more popular, year on year and more and more people find this story on HBO. Because it’s the remarkable men who fought it are no longer alive to pay witness …”

The “Band of Brothers” podcast released its first episode on Thursday.

You can watch the MSNBC report on the “Band of Brothers” podcast below.