Helen Mirren Reveals She ‘Chased’ Away a Bear While Living in Nevada

by Madison Miller

A bear in Nevada tried to mess with television and film royalty. The bear was promptly shut down and likely now regrets its actions.

Yesterday (April 4) was the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The awards show recognizes the outstanding performances of both film and prime-time television. Helen Mirren is known for her role as Queen Elizabeth II in “The Queen,” “The Audience,” and “Prime Suspect.” She also played Queen Elizabeth I in “Elizabeth I.”

Other roles for her include “Red,” “The Madness of King George,” “The Last Station,” and “Hitchcock.” She will be a villain, Hespera, in the upcoming “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” film.

Mirren at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

She was a telecast presenter at the awards ceremony last night. According to People magazine, Mirren took the time to share just how much she loves the great outdoors. She also revealed herself as the ultimate bear whisperer.

“I did have a bit of a meeting with a bear. I was so excited to see a bear, but then, of course, you can’t allow bears to get too familiar with human beings because they are wild animals. So I chased him away. I shooed the bear away. I told him he was a naughty bear. He was a young bear so I just said, ‘No, naughty bear, go on, go on, off you go!” Mirren said.

In the match of Helen Mirren vs. Wild, Mirren literally shooed away the competition.

Helen Mirren and Animal Activism

Mirren was ecstatic about getting to see a bear in its natural habitat recently. This is not surprising given the actresses’ long history of activism regarding animals.

She defines herself as a naturist. According to IMDb, she once told a publication that “I’m a naturist at heart. I love being on beaches where everyone is naked. Ugly people, beautiful people, old people, whatever. It’s so unisexual and so liberating.” She was named the “Naturist of the Year” by British Naturism in 2004.

Recently she narrated a documentary called “Escape From Extinction.” It is a documentary about extinction produced by American Humane. It features footage of endangered animals as well as interviews from animal welfare specialists and conservation scientists.

Mirren and Zoos

According to an interview with AARP from 2020, she is a lover of giraffes and rhinos. She loves them for their “prehistoric feel.” She never really gets to see these animals considering their faraway location. Mirren is not a fan of the traditional zoo system. However, she agrees with them as long as they are present to help protect species from endangerment.

“I don’t tend to go to zoos because I find it uncomfortable. My memory of the London Zoo as a child, actually, is quite traumatic … found it so upsetting to see a beautiful tiger pacing up and down in a small iron cage with a concrete floor … was really in a state of ignorance about how radically certain zoos have changed, and how many species have become extinct in my lifetime. I became aware of what the really good zoos are doing in science, development and taking care that certain species don’t disappear off the face of the planet. I learned the incredible difference between the good zoo and the bad zoo,” Mirren said to AARP.

Dame Helen Mirren also wore a faux blue fur coat at the premiere of “Collateral Beauty.” She also had a pin with the word fur crossed out on her chest. It was a pin created by The Humane Society of the United States.