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Helen Mirren Says Stuntpeople Deserve Their Own Category at the Oscars

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage/Getty Images)

In many of your favorite movies, stuntpeople perform incredible feats of physical effort. Helen Mirren believes they deserve recognition.

What type? Their own category at the Oscars. That seems fitting since they’ve been around since the silent film days.

Helen Mirren, who is one of the greatest actresses to appear on both stage and screen, shares her thoughts in an article from ScreenRant. She recently made a guest appearance on the popular BBC talk show The Graham Norton Show.

Helen Mirren Says Stuntpeople Have Become ‘Intrinsic Part of Filmmaking’

“Well, there’s no real difference to the work,” she said. “The periphery is different, you know, the number of trailers or the sets or the amount of time you’ve got to shoot a scene.

“But, fundamentally, it’s exactly the same thing,” Mirren said. “But I love the special effects world. And the stunt world. I really believe stuntpeople should be nominated for Oscars.

“They’ve become such an intrinsic part of filmmaking now,” according to Helen Mirren. “You look at these big action movies, and it’s 75 percent stunts, really. I love working and watching the art, the craftsmanship, and the expertise of these people.

“The whole digital side of things, the special effects, is just extraordinary. Every time I go on set, the technology has advanced to another level.”

British Actress Earned Major Screen Actors Guild Honor

Do you want to know how much her peers respect Helen Mirren for her work? This much. Dame Helen received the 2021 SAG Life Achievement Award. That’s pretty cool.

She has been in dramas, comedies, and action flicks. Mirren has done it all. Toss in some of that stage work, too. The actress also takes time to focus on philanthropic work.

Queen Elizabeth II placed the honor of Dame on her in 2003. Helen Mirren was born in London in 1945. Variety said that she’s the 57th individual to receive this honor from the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG).

“Dame Helen Mirren is quite simply a brilliant and luminous talent,” The Nanny star and actress Fran Drescher, president of SAG-AFTRA, said. “Her work runs the gamut of characters from a not-so-retired CIA super-killer and a ruthless Russian spy handler to a Hungarian cleaning lady and the most exquisite Elizabeth II. She has set the bar very high for all actors and, in role after role, she exceeds even her own extraordinary performances,”

Oh, Mirren has won five SAG Awards in her illustrious career. She was a SAG Life Achievement honoree with the highest number of awards to her name. She’s just one really cool, wonderful person, too. Her screen work simply makes her irresistible and worthy of awards and honors, too.