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Henry Winkler Issues Apology Over Controversial Tweet About Needing ‘Cataclysmic Event’ to Reunite Country

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Champagne Collet)

It has been a long 24 hours for Henry Winkler. First, he posted about the need for a “cataclysmic” event to reunite the country. Then, he got some serious backlash from various Twitter users. After that, he doubled down on his original statement. Now, he has posted an apology of sorts.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Henry Winkler is kowtowing to the masses. As I mentioned in a previous article, many celebrities would have capitulated and apologized long ago. We’ve seen it happen countless times. As soon as the mass of bored people on Twitter launch into outrage mode, celebs immediately retract their statements and walk back everything they said. Winkler said he was sorry. However, he did not take back what he said. Nor did he apologize for his original statement.

Instead, Henry Winkler said that he was sorry for being so vague about the cataclysmic event. This led to two things. For one, it led to thousands of people reminding Winkler that we are experiencing a global pandemic. At the same time, it had several people thinking that Winkler wanted to see widespread destruction. However, those people were completely off the mark. Check out the tweet. Then, we’ll get into it a little deeper.

Henry Winkler Says He’s Sorry for Not Being Clear

“To be clear,” begins Henry Winkler, I am not wishing for devastation.” Instead, he said that his hope was that we could unite once again as a nation. Then, he apologized for being unclear in his original post.

Now, anyone who is familiar with Henrey Winkler outside of his TV work knew this already. He has shown himself to be a sweet guy with a big heart several times. So, to think that Winkler was wishing for devastation is ludicrous. Furthermore, he posted the original tweet yesterday, the day before Independence Day. Today is a day where we celebrate our nation. So, it is no surprise that his mind went to the division we are facing as a country. Who wouldn’t want us to stand as one again, especially on the eve of this nation’s birthday?

Did he go about wishing for national unity in the wrong way? Maybe. However, he may not have been wrong. Think about 9/11 and WWII. Those were cataclysmic events. During those times, the people of the United States pulled together to stand as one. Both times, people stepped up to do their part.

During WWII, people tightened their belts and helped with the war effort in any way possible. Then, after 9/11 we stood as one against an enemy who struck on our shores. I can’t remember a time when people were more unified and patriotic.