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Here’s How ‘Chicago P.D.’ Films Intense Foot Chases

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/WireImage)

Ever wonder how all of those intense foot chases across our favorite crime dramas are filmed? Truthfully, I’ve never actually thought about it until now, however, unsurprisingly it’s not via a cameraman with solid endurance. I suppose that would result in incredibly choppy (and nauseating) footage in the first place. Fortunately for us, Wolf Entertainment continues to come in clutch with the behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, showing us how some of our favorite scenes are filmed over on “Chicago P.D.”

Wednesday night saw the network producers sharing behind-the-scenes footage featuring Hank the Cat over on “Chicago Fire.”

Meanwhile on the set of “Chicago P.D.,” Wolf Entertainment revealed that our favorite chase scenes are filmed atop an ATV. Further, crews have a video camera conveniently rigged up to it. Check it out.

Deemed a “Ronin,” for whatever reason, by “Chicago P.D.” cast and crew members, we can see the camera securely mounts to the ATV. An added metal frame serves to balance the camera at the end of the pole. More importantly, a mechanism appears able to turn the camera whichever way a chase scene might go.

Following the revelation, “Chicago P.D.” fans went wild in the comments. They shared how they’ve always wondered how those kind of scenes were filmed. “OMG seriously I was just wondering how,” wrote Susan. Another “One Chicago” fan added, “Easier than running behind,” and I can’t help but agree; imagine the risk of injury atop uneven ground.

For all “Chicago P.D.” and “One Chicago” behind-the-scenes sneak-peeks, be sure to check back here Outsiders.

Fans Fear ‘Chicago P.D’ Character’s Departure

The season 8 finale of “Chicago P.D” put Sergeant Hank Voight and Officer Hailey Upton in an incredibly complicated situation. Several episodes in, its consequences carry over into the new season. The pair wound up murdering a suspect during the finale last season. In the end, Voight covered up the incident while guilt from withholding the truth eats away at Upton. Now, the FBI has taken an interest in the situation, potentially spelling trouble for some of our favorite officers.

Due to Voight’s frequent bending and occasional breaking of the rules throughout his time on the show, the proceeding investigation has fans wondering whether or not the forefronting character will see his time on “Chicago P.D.” come to an end. The short answer? No. Fortunately, showrunner Rick Eid provided Outsiders all the necessary key points that point to Voight actor Jason Beghe‘s continuance on the show.

Overall, the ongoing season of “Chicago P.D.” plans to put a broader emphasis on Voight as the remainder of the episodes progress. As a previously “dirty cop,” seeing the continued progression of Voight’s growth remains a consistent plotline within “Chicago P.D.”