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Here’s What Michael Strahan’s Training Looks Like Ahead of Blue Origin Space Flight

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Advertising Week New York)

Maybe you’re like me and thought the first news of Michael Strahan’s space flight was a joke. Well, apparently, it wasn’t and it’s full steam ahead for the Blue Origin mission. To prepare, Michael Strahan and the rest of the crew are heading to Texas to begin their intensive training.

Of course, the concept of training isn’t anything new for the star. Strahan played for the New York Giants of the National Football League for 15 seasons and still holds the league record for a single season of quarterback sacks. If that wasn’t enough, he also boasts a Super Bowl win (XLII) on his resume. Still, they don’t call space a “new frontier” for nothing. So on that note, here’s what his flight training will look like.

Michael Strahan Steps Into His New Suit

A recent segment of Good Morning America breaks down what Michael Strahan and the rest of the crew have to look forward to. It shows footage of him getting fitted for both the suit and the seat he will take aboard the spacecraft. It also breaks down the schedule of the 3-day-intensive-training experience.

Check it out:

The video introduces us to Sarah Knights who is one of Blue Origin’s main training personnel. She will be the future astronauts’ main point of contact between space and mission control. According to her, the first day of training includes flight basics and a flight simulation with the following days allowing for crew bonding, a practice tower-walk, and a tour of the rocket and capsule. Eventually, they’ll also tackle radio communications and practice with zero gravity.

The physical aspect isn’t the only important piece of the puzzle, though. The astronauts also have to prepare mentally and make sure their confidence is at a high. She tells the crew not to worry because she will prep them for every step of the way.

“We cover each portion, every event from the engine start to lift off to separation from the booster itself to reentry in the atmosphere and landing.”

How the Space Flight Will Accomplish Many ‘Firsts’

Strahan is one of six who will experience the Blue Origins flight. He is joined first by Laura Shepard Churchley, the eldest daughter of the first American to fly to space (Alan Shepard). Then, there’s Space industry exec and philanthropist Dylan Taylor. Additionally, Strahan will be joined by the founder of Bess Ventures (Lane Bess) and his child, Cameron, as well as investor Evan Dick.

Upon successful re-entry into the atmosphere, the flight will mark the first parent-child pair to ever fly into space. Moreover, it marks the third human flight aboard the New Shepard rocket this year and the first for the company to include a full crew in the capsule.