Here’s Which Film Clint Eastwood Considers the ‘Lousiest Western Ever Made’

by Jacklyn Krol

Did you know that one Western movie almost made Clint Eastwood leave acting?

Although it was his first major role, according to Screen Rant he dubbed this film, “the lousiest Western ever made.”

He was speaking about the 1958 movie Ambush At Cimarron Pass. The film followed Scott Brady who played the role of Sergeant Blake. He teamed up with a group of cattle drive cowboys, including Eastwood, who played Williams. They defended themselves while under attack from the Native Americans who wanted to steal the rifles that they were moving. They but heads and they end up seeking safety at a fort.

He recalled the moment when he watched the movie to Crawdaddy Magazine per Screen Rant. “It was so bad I just kept sinking lower and lower in my seat. I said to my wife ‘I’m going to quit, I’m really going to quit.”

The movie ended up making him question if he should get more acting training or return to school. He ended up finding another role to get him back in the game and make a quality film. He ended up being featured as the lead in Rawhide which also spawned the 1964 movie, A Fistful of Dollars.

Clint Eastwood on Dirty Harry

Believe it or not, Clint Eastwood shared a hilarious pitch to the big question: if he will reprise the character of Dirty Harry. Surprisingly, he has an idea for the sixth installment in the franchise.

“Harry is retired,” Eastwood began. “He’s standing in a stream, fly-fishing. He gets tired of using the pole — and BA-BOOM! Or Harry is retired and he chases bad guys with his walker? Maybe he owns a tavern. These guys come in and they won’t pay their tab, so Harry reaches below the bar. Hey, guys, the next shot’s on me . . .

While he wants to focus his time and energy on new stories, he does have one major condition for a potential return. However, he does not currently have any plans set in motion to return to the movie.

“I guess if there was a truly great script or something, but it’s hard enough to find good scripts any time, let alone one you have to bend to make it fit some franchise. The movies that interest me now take me to new places,” he added.

Although it is a beloved franchise, he believes that it wouldn’t ring as true as it previously did when it first released.

“At the time in the press, there was a lot of attention to the rights of the accused,” he explained. “And that’s not bad or wrong, but nobody thought too much about the rights of the public or the rights of the victim, that’s not what the attention was on. All of a sudden here was a picture about the rights of all the victims, and I think it really resonated with people who were frustrated.”