Here’s Why Dog the Bounty Hunter Is in a Heated Feud With His Daughters

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by KMazur/WireImage via Getty Images)

Reality television is full of drama. That’s the hook that pulls viewers in. Watching those trainwrecks on television makes our lives seem more orderly. Recently, Dog the Bounty Hunter proved that he doesn’t need a TV show to be submerged in drama. In fact, he hasn’t had a show on the air in quite some time. However, he and his family are at the center of a swirling storm of drama.

Dog the Bounty Hunter tied the knot last week. He married Francie Frane just two years after Beth’s passing. However, that’s not what sparked the family troubles. Instead, the guest list put Dog and his family in the headlines. More specifically, it was the fact that he didn’t invite two of his daughters to his wedding. That’s almost bad enough in and of itself. If you’re a parent, could you imagine not including your children in a major life event? Well, it only gets deeper from there.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughters Cecily and Bonnie weren’t invited to the wedding. The reasoning behind the decision seems simple on the surface. Bonnie and Cecily are still working with Unleashed TV. The network that planned to air Dog Unleashed before they abruptly canceled the show and parted ways with Dog. However, this is where things get a little confusing.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his daughters give two different accounts of what happened between the reality TV star and Unleashed. Furthermore, they all tell different stories about what influenced the final decision to not invite the Chapman sisters to the wedding.

Dissecting Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Family Drama

Let’s start with Dog the Bounty Hunter’s side of the story. According to him and his daughter Lyssa, Unleashed TV was in the wrong when they parted ways. Chapman says that he found out that the folks behind the network were con artists and criminals. This revelation led Dog to leave the production and cancel his show.

Furthermore, he and his camp believe that the people at the network are grooming his daughters and using them against him. Lyssa went so far as to claim that they had a “cult mentality,” at the network. Ultimately, Dog believes that Unleashed TV is out to get him and sees his daughters’ continued involvement with them as a betrayal.

On the other hand, Unleashed alleges that they parted ways with Dog the Bounty Hunter over his racist and homophobic actions. Both Bonnie and Cecily believe this to be true. Furthermore, Bonnie insinuated that her father’s alleged bigotry is part of the reason for the rift between them. She is on a show called The System which covers social justice issues. The Chapman sisters also support the Black Lives Matter movement. They believe that this is a large part of why their father has distanced himself from them. Additionally, Bonnie has publicly stated that Dog cheated on Beth multiple times. This has added to the resentment between the two.

Currently, Dog the Bounty Hunter is considering taking legal action against Bonnie for her statements.