HGTV Just Announced 11 New Shows: What to Know

by Megan Molseed

While the pandemic may have trapped us in one spot last year, many people took the opportunity to work on the long-planned home improvement projects that they had been putting off for ages.

Now, as fall approaches, HGTV is taking advantage of this home improvement and remodeling boom; and following the lead by renovating its former programming lineup and adding eleven new shows this fall.

HGTV’s upcoming lineup will feature it all! From couples who are moving in together after long-distance romances to the dreaded buyer’s remorse, some unlucky homeowners may face. The new programming will also follow first-time buyers looking for the perfect home to update. As well as big dreamers hoping to make a bundle on flipping run-down homes.

“Our audience loves that we are stretching the home genre without losing the great storytelling that they’ve come to expect from HGTV,” noted HGTV president Jane Latman in a recent press release.

“We continue to break the boundaries of the home genre with unique, buzzy show concepts, celebrated experts, and dynamic influencers,” Latman continued. “If you want to see innovative renovation ideas in action and dream of what you can accomplish in your own home, HGTV is the place for you.”

Some Of the New HGTV Programs Include Unique Projects

In “Building Roots,” Ben and Cristi Dozier tackle unique and “boundary-pushing” projects.

“From small renovations to massive builds and ultra-modern designs to rustic finishes, Ben and Cristi will tackle it all and produce one-of-a-kind, highly personalized work that always exceeds their clients’ expectations,” HGTV said of the new show.

In “Call the Closer,” Lauren Risley a real estate expert, finds a home for the pickiest clients. With her knack for helping homebuyers see the potential in almost every property, Risely gets things sold!

“First Home” is another upcoming HGTV addition. However, this is a working title for now. This show features Austin Coleman and Raisa Kaddus helping young millennials find their dream property. The couple’s design offices are inside a vintage VW van, so it’s sure to be a good time watching them at work.

“Moving for Love” is another one of HGTV’s intriguing new shows. The docuseries comes to HGTV fans from the producers of the popular reality television show “90 Day Fiance.”

The show follows couples involved in long-distance relationships as they discuss the next step: moving in together. HGTV follows the journey young couples take as they decide to move in together. Discussing who is moving in with whom, and who will be settling down in a completely new area.

“Edge of Your Seat” Programming

Another addition to the HGTV lineup is what the network calls an “edge-of-your-seat house flipping experiment.”

In this competition, two couples who have extensive renovation experience will be placed in a mystery location. They are then asked to flip property on a budget of only $1,000.

In order to win the competition, the renovators will have six months to buy, sell and renovate properties. They finish the goal when they reach a house sale of $1 million or more.

“Each couple will need to pull out every trick in the book to make their flipping fortune,” says HGTV of the show.

The working title on this sure-to-be hit is “My Flippin’ Fortune.” A perfect title for a show like this, right?

Other shows planned for the new HGTV lineup include “Flipping Showdown,” “Holmes Family Rescue,” “Home Inspector Joe,” “Renovation Goldmine,” and “Renovation Remix.” The lineup also includes “Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?” but this is also a working title for the brand new series.