HGTV Star Carmeon Hamilton Receives Outpouring of Love After Husband’s Death

by Taylor Cunningham

HGTV’s Carmeon Hamilton lost her husband in a tragic motorcycle accident on Saturday, and her friend Shavonda Gardner recently gave an update on the Design Star winner.

According to Gardner, Carmeon and her son Davin are relying on their close circle of friends to help them grieve the death of Marcus Hamilton.

Shavonda Gardner, who is an interior design blogger and lifestyle influencer, posted the update on her Instagram stories. In the update, she thanked Carmeon’s followers for their love and support.

Garnder said that many fans have asked if they can donate or contribute in any way. But at this point, they’re still trying to get a grasp on what Carmeon and Davin need, and friends have been able to take care of them so far. ” There’s an amazing close circle of support surrounding them,” she added.

Gardner told her followers that they have decided not to set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the funeral costs, but they have organized a meal train. The HGTV designer’s fans can send gift cards through the page. So far, they’ve collected over $17,000 in donations.

She followed by noting that Carmeon does not want fans or friends to send flowers. And Gardner will post updates if the Hamilton family needs anything in the future.

She ended her message by saying, “We are so grateful for this community. She is reading every comment in her post and drawing strength from the love you all had for Marcus and have for her. Thank you so much.”

In a separate Instagram story, Garnder wrote that they’re in the process of  “nailing down organizations Marcus was passionate about.” So people can donate to those causes as a way of showing their support.

HGTV Star Carmeon Hamilton’s Husband Marcus Dies in Motorcycle Accident

HGTV’s Carmeon Hamilton lost her husband in a motorcycle accident on Saturday. The Design Star: Next Gen winner shared the news in a heartbreaking social media post the following day.

“It is with deep sorrow and an eternally broken heart that I tell you that the love of my life, Marcus Hamilton, has passed away. I was alerted by MPD late last night that Marcus succumbed to his injuries from a motorcycle accident yesterday afternoon,” she began in an Instagram message.

The couple had been together for 15 years and married for 10. In an older post, the HGTV designer shared that she and Marcus planned on renewing their vows soon. The two shared one son, Davin.

“I’m no stranger to loss, but this loss brings something beyond pain,” she continued. “Something I can’t describe. I’m now missing a major part of myself and that void seems to grow more and more every second.”

“But in the midst of this immense pain came a wave of support from the community of people that we’ve worked so hard to build. They are the only reason I have the strength and ability to put these words in writing,” she also followed. “Thank you all for being one of the best parts of our love story and loudly encouraging us to be the passionately flawed humans we were, living a life well lived.”

Carmeon asked for privacy while she mourns her late husband.