Historic Dutch Bridge To Be Dismantled To Accommodate Jeff Bezos’ Superyacht

by Jonathan Howard

If you have enough money, anything can be moved to accommodate. Jeff Bezos’ new superyacht will have to take a special path.

Bezos has been waiting on his new boat for a long time. After all, it comes with a $500 million price tag. So, there has been a lot of work done to make it a reality. Netherlands-based Oceanco is the company putting the project together. In order to get the boat out of the Netherlands and to the owner himself, one historic bridge will have to be taken apart.

Built back in 1927, the steel bridge known as De Hef, is not tall enough for the boat to go under. And, the bridge is not built to move on its own. So, in order to make sure the three 130-foot masts are able to make it through, a portion of the bridge will be removed.

Jeff Bezos was able to talk with Rotterdam officials about the project. Rotterdam is a very important city for the Dutch. One of the most famous urban hubs in the country, the largest boat ever built in the nation will pass through. Officials are saying that the accommodations are being made due to the economic importance of the superyacht and the project overall. The boat is 417 feet long and will basically be a floating resort.

It is unclear whether or not Bezos will be helping fund the bridge project. Although it has been reported that Oceanco will pay the cost of dismantling the landmark. Perhaps that comes with the $500 million bill, huh?

While local officials have talked about the importance of the project, some locals are not onboard. A social media movement has started in the Netherlands. Folks aren’t taking kindly to Jeff Bezos’ bridge moving power.

Locals Not Happy About Jeff Bezos Causing Bridge to Be Moved

When this news was announced, there were locals immediately upset. Many took to Facebook to organize a small form of protest against the superyacht. For those against Jeff Bezos causing a bridge to be moved, it leaves a sour taste in their mouths. Can Bezos change the infrastructure of entire cities in entirely different countries with his wealth?

Some Rotterdam residents are taking it very personally. The city had to be rebuilt for two decades after World War II due to intense bombing. “Rotterdam was built from the rubble by the people of Rotterdam,” Facebook organizers said. “And we don’t just take that apart for the phallic symbol of a megalomaniac billionaire. Not without a fight!”

Right now, those that are protesting the bridge event plan to throw eggs at the giant boat as it passes through. When you think about it, there is little one can do to stop a giant boat or a bridge from being moved. Jeff Bezos is going to get his boat one way or another.