‘Hollywood Squares’ Host Peter Marshall Announces His Son Has Died

by Joe Rutland
Photo by Alexander Sibaja/Getty Images)

Peter Marshall, who was the original host of the game show “Hollywood Squares,” announced on Friday that his son has died.

Marshall, 95, said his son David LaCock was diagnosed on June 30 with COVID-19 after coming down with symptoms, according to an article from Pop Culture.

“In loving memory of my free-spirited son, David, whom we just lost to COVID,” Marshall posted on Twitter on Friday. “He was joyful, beautiful, magnificent, giving, doting & talented. He made this a better world.”

Marshall continued, writing, “He made our family’s lives sweeter. I urge you to get vaccinated-if not for yourself, for those you love.”

‘Hollywood Squares’ Host Also Battled COVID-19 After Diagnosis

Peter Marshall’s birth name is Ralph LaCock. The “Hollywood Squares” host also had battled COVID-19 after being diagnosed with it in January. There was no age given for Marshall’s son. David LaCock left behind his wife Ali and eight children.

The original version of the “Hollywood Squares” ran on NBC and in nighttime syndication from 1966-81. Marshall won four Emmy Awards for his role as host.

Marshall talked about his own battle with COVID-19 as he and his wife Laurie were diagnosed in January. “From the time I went to the hospital,” Marshall told Fox News in April. “I worried I wouldn’t make it because of how many people seemed to be dying from it, and given my age, I knew I was at high risk for dying from it.”

Clips From Original Game Show Are Available On YouTube

He, though, survived through a lot of issues originating from COVID-19 and remains alive.

Clips from that original “Hollywood Squares” run are available on YouTube. The show based itself on the old-school Tic-Tac-Toe game. Yet the trick was contestants had to pick stars, sitting in “square” boxes, to answer questions Marshall would ask them. If the answered and the contestant agreed with the answer and it was right, then either an “X” or “O” would light up in front of the Hollywood star.

The “Hollywood Squares” had some regulars on the show. They included actor-comedian Paul Lynde, actor Wally Cox, and actor Cliff Arquette who appeared as “Charley Weaver.” Others who appeared throughout that show’s original run included Rose Marie and Morey Amsterdam of “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Also, Vincent Price, Charo, George Gobel, and Florence Henderson of “The Brady Bunch” found their way into the show’s format.

Lynde, though, was always the “center square” and provided many of the show’s more interesting moments.

At this time, Marshall’s version of the game show is not available on any TV network. But if you want to see what the “Hollywood Squares” looked like in 1968, then take a look at this episode.