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‘Home Alone’ Actor Devin Ratray Says He and Former Castmates Are ‘Planning a Reunion’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Walter McBride/WireImage)

They are chaotic, they don’t always get along, and they make some big mistakes. It’s certainly no wonder that Home Alone’s McCallister family is one of our favorite holiday families of all time. And, it seems, this famous movie family remains tight as ever even thirty-one years after the film premiered in 1990.

And, notes one of the stars of the wildly popular Christmas flick, there may even be a Home Alone reunion in the works!

“They have been planning a reunion online and I just recently, as in a couple of days ago, got on their messenger chat thread. I have been trying to keep up with Jed Cohen and Diana [Rein] and Terrie [Snell] and Angela Goethals and Hillary Wolf,” says Devin Ratray, who portrayed Buzz in the hit film.

“The family is moving on their own accord to get together,” Ratray continues in the recent interview with People magazine. “So who knows what’s going to happen in the future?”

Devin Ratray Recalls Learning A Lot On Set

So far these Home Alone reunion discussions don’t include the film’s star Macaulay Culkin who portrayed the loveably mischievous Kevin McCallister in the hit holiday film.

The talks also haven’t yet included Catherine O’Hara who portrays Kevin’s mother, Kate, or Culkin’s real-life brother Kieran who portrays the bladder-challenged Fuller in the holiday hit.

But, Devin Ratray says, he still has fond memories of the stars, primarily Catherine O’Hara, who helped Ratray with some movie-filming techniques.

According to Ratray, the Schitt’s Creek star taught him how to be off-camera for somebody else’s closeup.

“She was so generous,” the actor says of his Home Alone costar, noting that he is “one of the nicest, sweetest, kindness people” he has ever worked with.

Devin Ratray adds that the longtime actress never approached the youngest Home Alone actors as simply children. To her, Ratray says, “we were actors.”

“She was there for us every take,” the Home Alone star adds. “Giving everything that she would do for her own closeups.”

‘Home Alone’ Is A Generational Favorite

Currently, Devin Ratray stars in the most recent addition to the Home Alone franchise, Home Sweet Home Alone which is currently streaming on Disney+.

Ratray adds that he will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to be part of such an iconic film.

“This film has become legacy,” the actor says of the 1990 hit. For Ratray, the hit film has left its mark on “families now for more than one generation.”

“Parents are showing children, children are showing grandchildren something that I was a part of,” says Ratray.

“I don’t know what life has been like without Home Alone since I just turned 13,” the actor adds.

“I’ve come to realize that this movie, it’s bigger than me,” says Ratray. “It’s bigger than any actor’s ego. It has become part of indelible imprints on family – in their consciousness.”