‘Home Improvement’: Here’s How Much Tim Allen Turned Down for a Season Nine

by Chase Thomas

Tim Allen has had quite a career in Hollywood. Allen, who began as a standup, found tremendous success on the small screen. He had two shows run for nearly two decades in total in “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing.” Allen also starred on the big screen, too, in films like “Toy Story” and “Santa Claus” and much more, but Allen soared over the last thirty years on the small screen. However, all good things must end at some point. Well, here’s how much Tim Allen turned down for a Season 9 of “Home Improvement.”

Allen was reportedly offered $50 million to return for a Season 9, and his co-star Patricia Richardson was reportedly offered $25 million. Instead, the two held strong and did not return for one final season of the program. It ended on their terms after the eighth season.

Patricia Richardson on “Home Improvement”

Along with Allen, Richardson was a breakout star on the program. However, she was not all the way in immediately. She was concerned about taking the role. It was a big risk at the time for Richardson to sign on with Tim Allen and join the program “Home Improvement.”

Richardson said at the time, “They called me in and said, ‘There is this guy, he’s a standup, he won an award, he has a special on Showtime.” She did not know Tim Allen at all beforehand. She continued, “I had never heard of him, I had never heard of that show and I had already seen one show that had failed… that had been done with a standup and a family and everything.”

She was unsure of it all. Still, ultimately Richardson made the right choice taking the role. The show ran for eight seasons and was a tremendous hit. The cast was stacked, also with Jonathan Taylor Thomas as one of their kids on the Detroit program. Indeed, the show was so successful the folks behind it did not want it to end. Still, Richardson was ready to leave after Season 8. However, the show reportedly was willing to keep doing the show without Jill. This would have been a big move by the show to write off Richardson that late in the game, but it was reportedly an option.

Richardson added, “So then they went to Tim, and they said let’s do it with dead Jill.” This would have been a very different ending for the program. It would have changed a lot down the stretch. “And then Tim was like, I don’t think we can do that. So then he went out and said well, I think it’s time to end Home Improvement.” And that was that. The show did not continue after that and it wrapped after eight seasons.