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‘Home Improvement’ Star Richard Karn Celebrates Son’s Birthday with Moving Post

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for Mulholland Drive Entertainment on behalf of Sabra Dipping Co)

Richard Karn is celebrating a major milestone for his son. The Home Improvement star tweeted a photo of his son Cooper to wish him a happy and 29th healthy birthday.

“Happy birthday my son… you’re 29 today but I still see this in my mind’s eye… I love you and hope this last year of 20s is amazing for you,” he captioned the photo of a young Cooper and the family dog.

Home Improvement was a bit of a family affair for the Karns. Richard famously played Al Borland, but his wife Tudi Roche portrayed the sister of Jill Taylor because of their strong resemblance, IMDB said. Cooper appeared in a few episodes in small bit parts like a trick-or-treater in a Halloween episode.

Maybe they’ll show up in Richard Karn’s new show with Tim Allen.

Richard Karn, Tim Allen Relive Old Chemistry

Things are heating up on Assembly Required, the new explosive series from History Channel. The “Tool Time” boys host the new series, and it’s turning out to be a lot like its fictional counterpart. And they’ve done a great job rebuilding that timeless relationship between Allen and Karn. Karn still plays the best straight man Allen has ever had.

The show was originally pitched as an updated version of “Tool Time” the fake show the duo hosted on Home Improvement. And just like they had to for several “Tool Time” mishaps, the fire department was at the ready in case things got out of hand this week.

The most recent episode featured some interesting ideas like the meat-brazing torch. My excitement and fire insurance rates are climbing at commiserate levels.

“Got the fire department on-call for another great episode #tonight of Assembly Required!” lauds Tim Allen on Tuesday.

“Good lord… he’s made some sort of weapon!” Richard Karn follows up as he stares on in amazement. His statement, however, pales in comparison to the next frame showcasing one of their contestants as he… well as he lights himself on fire.

You can see all of the flammable excitement below.