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‘Home Improvement’ Stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn Reuniting for New Show

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images)

A “Home Improvement” reunion is in the works with Tim Allen and Richard Karn attached to appear in a new show together. The former co-stars are joining forces for an unscripted series called “Assembly Required” (working title).

The show, set to air on the History network, reportedly will be a competition series for participants looking to “awaken their inner builder,” Variety reports. “Assembly Required” hopes to shine the spotlight on the best builders from across the country at their home workshops.

They will compete to revamp everyday household items in need of fixing. Furthermore, Allen and Karn will share the backstory on these items and celebrate the men and women responsible for creating them.

Tim Allen on the Idea Behind “Assembly Required”

Tim Allen released a statement to offer backstory on the show’s development. “Let’s face it, we’re living in a throwaway society,” he says. “We buy, break, replace… rinse and repeat. Whatever happened to repair and rebuild?!  There are some people who unfriend, unfollow and dispose of anything that offends, annoys or breaks – so I’ve created a show to remind people of the satisfaction and pride that comes from rebuilding something on their own. “

The “Toy Story” star then spoke about his excitement to team up once again with Karn. “And who better to join me than my buddy from the old Tool Time days – Richard Karn! Now we’re talking More Power!”

In conclusion, Tim Allen references a famous quote from Albert Einstein. Allen says, “Albert Einstein once said, ‘I’m not a genius, I’m just passionately curious.’ Well, let’s get curious! Even a chimpanzee would at least show interest, right? Wait – I think I just came up with another idea for the show!  R-R-R!”

Eli Lehrer, exeuctive vice president and general manager of History, also spoke out about the upcoming series. “Our history is defined by the innovations of ordinary dreamers creating extraordinary things, from Thomas Edison’s light bulb to the Wright brothers’ first flight,” Lehrer says.

“We look forward to partnering with Tim and Richard, America’s beloved duo, as they challenge a new wave of skilled individuals to think out-of-the-box to build upon the innovations of those before them,” Lehrer said. “We hope this series will inspire viewers to think twice about throwing out that old item, roll up their sleeves and rebuild it better.”

History plans on launching the show sometime in 2021.

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