Home of James Bond, Pinewood Studios, Reportedly Catches Fire

by Kati Michelle

The famed Pinewood Studios in the UK is made up of several stages including Albert R. Broccoli’s 007 Stage. If that sounds familiar, it should. The double-oh-seven part, of course, references the legacy of Mr. James Bond. Actually, Pinewood Studios has hosted filming for most of the franchise.

Now, the James Bond character has been portrayed by a slew of different slick men, including Daniel Craig. And while each actor brings their own flavor to the James Bond character, the meat and potatoes tend to stay the same. There are guns, chases, and the occasional explosion. Just this week, a fire reportedly broke out at Pinewood Studios following a “very big explosion” heard by residents nearby. And the thing is, it wasn’t planned. Here’s what we know about the events.

Multiple Fire Crews Respond to Blaze at Pinewood Studios ‘James Bond’ Host

According to multiple reports, fire crews and emergency services responded to multiple calls of a “very big explosion” in Slough, Berkshire. This marks the location of the iconic James Bond home and the calls came in around 9 pm local UK time noting billowing smoke in the area.

And where there’s smoke there’s…Fire.

Apparently, it was a pretty big one too. Reports say that multiple rescue entities actually showed up at the scene to fight the growing blaze. These crews included firefighters from not only the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service but also the London Fire Brigade and at least two other crews as well.

Soon, photos of the event began to spread across social media.

The “again” in that tweet definitely caught my eye and maybe it did for you too.

A History of Unfortunate Events

Apparently, the Pinewood Studios are all too familiar with the dangers of fire. The historical UK set actually burned completely to the ground in the summer of ’84 while filming a project. They were set to wrap Ridley Scott’s “Legend” when the fire happened and had to switch gears to rebuilding instead.

Eventually, the studio opened back up at the start of ’85. However, tragedy would strike again with another installment of the James Bond franchise. This time, “Casino Royale” actually did wrap up their production, but a fire erupted shortly thereafter. That was back in the summer of ’06.

Since the initial media blast this morning, there haven’t been any updates regarding the fire containment or any possible injuries on the lot. It is also unclear what caused the fire in the first place at this point in time. That being said, everyone is holding their breath especially in the aftermath of other accidents/tragedies as seen with “Rust,” “America’s Got Talent: Extreme,” and “The Expendables” franchise.