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‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier and Clint Eastwood’s Son Scott Build Touching Project for Pearl Harbor Anniversary

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images)

“Home Town” star Ben Napier teamed with Clint Eastwood’s son Scott to build a touching project commemorating the Pearl Harbor anniversary.

Napier posted a series of pictures of the men on Instagram, telling fans that they built a display case for a piece of the sunken ship USS Arizona.

“It was an honor to be tasked with handling such an incredible piece of our nation’s history,” Napier added.

The star promised viewers they’d see it on an upcoming episode of his HGTV show, “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop.” However, if they wanted to check it out before then, they could visit the Veterans Memorial Museum in Laurel, Miss., to see it.

Napiers Show Off ‘Home Town’ House

Ben Napier and his wife, Erin, are home improvement experts who share the same Mississippi town as the Veterans Memorial Museum.

Closer Weekly recently featured “Home Town Takeover” couple’s home in an article. While the two work on dream homes for other families, they love spending time in their 1925 craftsman cottage. They share the house with two daughters.

The two-story house shows the couple’s unique eye for design, and they’ve filled rooms with thrifted furniture items and vintage pieces. 

Sure, they’ve got a few IKEA couches in their house. But it’s not enough to steal away from their coffee table that once lived as a factory cart. 

Their master bedroom also shows off Ben’s flair for woodworking. The article mentions that the man crafted his armoire made out of a barn door once owned by Erin’s grandfather. Based on some social media photo, there’s also lots of bookshelves and cabinets, a kitchen butcher block counter, and some cool-looking fireplace hangouts.

‘Home Town’ Star Has Some Fun With Eastwood

“Home Town” star Ben Napier also said he enjoyed “getting to know Scott (Eastwood) a little better” and that the actor was “a lot more than a pretty face.”

The 38-year-old Napier posted the two drinking coffee together and driving around in a Jeep in many pictures. They seemed to be the best of friends and woodworking buddies.

The men also met with Veterans Memorial Museum founder Jimmy Bass. Bass is the grandfather of NSYNC star Lance Bass.

The 35-year-old Eastwood will star in an upcoming film with action star Jason Statham called “Wrath of Man.” Yahoo! Entertainment said the movie, loosely based on a 2004 French thriller called “Cash Truck,” will stream on Amazon Prime Video starting Dec. 10. Other stars include Holt McCallany, Josh Hartnett, Niamh Algar, and Eddie Marsan.

On Dec. 14, another Eastwood movie comes out on DVD called “Dangerous.” Eastwood stars with Mel Gibson and Tyrese Gibson in the action thriller about a reformed ex-con who breaks parole. The man heads to a remote island to investigate his brother’s death.