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‘Home Town’ Stars Erin and Ben Napier Show Off New Camp Cabin Project

by Amy Myers
(Photo by: Jumping Rocks/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Home Town stars Erin and Ben Napier are back again with another one of their incredible interior design projects that have turned a house into a home with personality.

This time, the Napiers conquered a camp cabin for a lover of adventures on the page and in the wilderness. So, they explored with different patterns and accent colors that best brought out the unique stylings of the home’s residents. From a wall-to-wall bookshelf to cozy plaid couches and chic dining sets, the Home Town duo truly made the home into a work of art.

“Luke’s camp cabin was such fun for us!” Erin said of the project on Instagram. “His love for Hemingway, adventure and the outdoors inspired every element of his home. Neutrals have a place, but it is thrilling to design for homeowners who let us move outside the greige box! Shop the Hanna episode at @laurelmercantile or the link in my profile.”

As the Home Town star mentioned, she included plenty of neutral tones in the home’s scheme. She included a washed-out green for the cabinets that gave the kitchen a hint of color without overwhelming the eyes. But she also knew which areas in the home needed a punch of pure pigment. The corridors all had bright blue frames, and the dining area sported a lovely, olive green on its walls.

Each room had a unique balance that felt intentional and exciting.

More of Our Favorite Projects From the ‘Home Town’ Professionals

There isn’t a project that the Home Town couple has completed that we haven’t loved. No two homes have ever looked alike, which points to Erin and Ben’s dedication to each new client. They never seem to recycle their ideas, and instead search for the most creative solutions and alternatives to their situation.

Take for example this quaint little California home that derived its inspiration from southwestern roots.

“The last time you saw us, we revealed this craftsman home with Mexico-inspired colors and elements for a couple of California transplants who wanted to bring their love for the southwest with them to Laurel,” Erin shared at the time. “Watch with us Sunday to meet Luke, a bachelor traveling nurse putting down roots here in his hometown, Laurel. Thanks for being patient with us!”

There’s also this home that featured a green brick wall within a living room that contained industrial components like metal-and-wood bookshelves and end tables. The Home Town stars added a splash of rusty orange to the throw pillows for a earthy feel that made the room feel truly complete.

“Here are a few of my favorite vignettes of Donelle’s house from last week!” Erin shared in the caption.