‘Home Town’: Erin Napier Captures Her and Husband Ben’s Most ‘Photogenic Moments’

by Chase Thomas

It’s a new year, but Napier family is still getting after it for their show “Home Town”. Yes, Ben and Erin Napier are filming new episodes for their hit program on HGTV. To give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what it all entails for the Napiers, Erin shared a few awesome photos.

Yes, in a new Instagram post, “Home Town” star Erin Napier captured her and her husband Ben’s most “photogenic moments.” The couple uses a whiteboard to share what’s going on in that particular photo.

Napier captioned the photo, “wardrobe photos capture some of our most photogenic moments #hgtvhometown” Fans loved that Erin shared the awesome photos of the couple producing a new episode for HGTV. One fan wrote in the comments, “Love the behind the scenes! (And standing on a box. My husband’s 12” taller than me so I get that!)”

Another fan wrote, “Y’all seem like you have so much fun working together! Love that about your show…it comes through to the viewer!”

Erin and Ben Napier on “Home Town”

Ben and Erin Napier have carved out quite the niche on HGTV. The couple has a show that both helps their own town but also inspires others all around the country. Both Ben and Erin have their own gifts that they bring to the table each episode.

However, it is fair to wonder how it all got started. When did the two realize this home renovating thing was something that the two of them could do.

Erin told Qolture, “Around 7th grade, my mom let me totally redesign my room however I wanted. We spent a weekend painting, hanging wallpaper, picking new furniture. It is one of my favorite experiences. As a kid, I didn’t scrapbook or plan for my wedding—I planned for my dream house. I would take my mom’s home design magazines and clip out my favorite images and dream of designing a house one day. So I suppose I would say that my love for home design started during childhood, and my mama and I approached it just like any other fun art project. That has been the hallmark of my work ever since—interior design, graphic design; it’s all the same thing. It’s storytelling in a visual way.”

She loved it at a young age. She loved the process of figuring out where everything should go.

Ben added, “When we got engaged, we set about designing our first home. We were both broke, working our first jobs out of college, and we renovated a loft in downtown Laurel. I got my start in woodworking out of necessity: I had a wife with great taste and a small budget.”

Ben kind of had to get into it a bit. He needed to figure some stuff out and he just dove right in. The rest, as they say, is history.

You can watch “Home Town” on HGTV.