‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Looks Forward To One of Her ‘Favorite Home Transformations’ in Tonight’s Episode

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Meggan Haller for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Oh, it’s a great day when there’s a new Home Town episode upon us! Erin Napier is looking forward to sharing one of her favorite home transformations in tonight’s episode. In order to give her fans a sneak peek of the episode, she shared a video on her Instagram today.

In a new Instagram post, Napier posted a video of her husband, Ben and her walking into one of their friends shops. At the shop, the couple mentions that they are so proud of their friends for taking this big step and starting a business. They also get to see Jesse and Lauren’s newest addition to the family, baby Nell.

While holding the baby, they pick out the best wooden frames for their upcoming home transformation. Check it out below.

In the caption of the post, Napier wrote, “TONIGHT on #HGTVHomeTown is one of my favorite home transformations ever! You’ll see us do Mexico-inspired design with commissioned papel picado by @karinapuentearts framed by @napierframes and you’ll meet our new niece, baby Nell. Watch with us on @hgtv at 8/7 ct or anytime on @discoveryplus!

Erin and Ben Napier Give Us a Sneak Peek at the New Episode

At the beginning of the clip, Erin and Ben Napier walk into their friends, Jesse and Lauren’s new frame shop. She introduces the couple’s new adventure together and that her and Ben are so proud of them. Then, she walks up to the front desk and recalls that she hasn’t been into their shop in a week.

Afterwards, Ben chimes in with a joke for Jesse. “Do you do frames here?” he asked. “Is this a frame shop?”

Soon after, Jesse goes on to say, “What gave you that idea?” as he chuckles.

“I need frames,” Erin Napier exclaimed. “But I also need to see the baby.”

The Napier’s proceed to ask where their niece is. Shortly after, Lauren walks out from the back with her adorable little girl.

“I’ll give you a baby if you give me some artwork,” Lauren said to the Napier’s. Then, they go on to ask what they’re thinking for the frames. While they’re trying to find the perfect wooden frame for their new project, Jesse tells Ben he’s working on it.

“Jesse has really taken on the role of boss here,” Ben Napier said.

Afterwards, the Napier’s ask the little girl which frame she likes best. And it didn’t take long for her to look at one longer than the other.

“She has impeccable taste,” Ben Napier said.

Seems like baby Nell already has an act in her parents shop. Don’t you agree?

Tune in to the new Home Town episode tonight at 8/7c to see what Erin and Ben have in store for us.