‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Cherishes a Rainy Day at Home with Her Baby

by Samantha Whidden

While taking some time away from her latest home renovating projects, Home Town star Erin Napier took to her Instagram with a super sweet snapshot of her youngest daughter, Mae.   

“Rainy days are my favorite at home,” Erin Napier captioned the snap which features Mae on a pillow enjoying some much-needed relaxation. 

The snapshot of her youngest child comes just days after Erin Napier celebrated her 36th birthday. The TV personality declared in the post that she was incredibly lucky to have her family on her birthday. “Thank you for making me feel so special every day of my life, @scotsman.co,” she wrote in the post to her co-host and husband, Ben Napier. 

Erin Napier Opens Up About Her Marriage to Ben 

During a recent interview with Qolture, Erin Napier shared details about her marriage to Ben Napier. “We’re together 24 hours a day because we feel like the strongest team that way.”

Erin’s husband fully agreed with her on that statement. “We communicate about every little detail of our lives. Talking about everything and prayer are the glue in our marriage,” Ben declared. He stated that he and Erin Napier have a weird relationship according to some people. “The more time we spend together, the happier we are.”

In regards to how their HGTV series has impacted their relationship, Erin goes on to add that she and Ben have become very regimented. “As small business owners, our schedules had always been very scattered and flexible. We made our own schedules. With filming, our schedule is made for us.”

Ben & Erin Reveal How They Got Involved in Home Renovations

Ben and Erin Napier also revealed how they got into home renovations. “Around 7th grade, my mom let me totally redesign my room however I wanted,” Erin recalled. “We spent a weekend painting, hanging wallpaper, picking new furniture. It is one of my favorite experiences.”

Erin also stated she didn’t scrapbook or plan her wedding when she was a kid. Instead, she planned her own dream house. “I would take my mom’s home design magazines, and clip out my favorite images, and dream of designing a house one day.”

While also describing their hometown, Laurel, Ben stated that the town is unlike most small southern towns he’s ever visited or lived in. “It’s a very industrial town that was founded in the latest 19th century,” he explained. The TV personality noted that the founders were both educated and cultured. He also described Laurel as much industrial blue-collar as it is artistic and creative.

While also discussing her and Ben’s style, Erin described their style as collected, layered, traveled, and comfortable. “I would probably label it something like ‘eclectic traditional.’ It’s very much the story of Mississippi. Using whatever you have to make art.”