‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Opens Up About Feeling Like ‘Ugly Duckling’ Growing Up

by Katie Maloney

“Home Town” star Erin Napier opens up about her childhood bullying experiences.

It’s easy to forget that celebrities are humans too. They navigate challenges just like the rest of us – including childhood bullying. That’s certainly the case for “Home Town” star Erin Napier. Napier shared a video to her Instagram story and talked about the struggles she faced throughout her childhood as an “ugly duckling.”

“I was the oddball sitting alone. The ugly duckling. I desperately wanted someone to want to sit by me on the bus,” said Napier. “It shapes the character of the adults we become, and in that way, it wasn’t all bad for me.”

Here’s How ‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Fell in Love With Her Husband Ben

However, the “Home Town” star’s childhood bullying “wasn’t all bad.” In fact, those experiences actually led Napier to her husband Ben. The bullying that Napier faced led her to be far more compassionate to others. It also caused her to look for compassion in others. And that’s exactly what she saw in Ben. During the same video, Napier shared what drew her to her husband.

“I fell in love with Ben Napier because, in college, I watched as he went to sit beside the person eating alone,” said Napier. “I needed him when I was younger. I married him because of his character in those kinds of situations. And a million other reasons.”

The Napiers Thought the Producer Who Contacted Them about Creating a Show Just Wanted Stationary

Erin and Ben Napier didn’t spend years pitching their idea for a television show to networks. In fact, they never even thought about being on television. So, the way “Home Town” came about is actually just as quaint and adorable as the show.

During an interview, Erin Napier shared the details. She said that producer Lindsey Weidhorn pitched the idea of the show after seeing several of Napier’s posts on Instagram. Napier often used the #ILiveInLaurel hashtag and Weidhorn fell in love with the small town. Weidhorn then messaged Napier about filming a show in Laurel. At the time, Napier owned a stationery shop. So, when the producer contacted Napier, she thought she simply wanted some stationery from the shop.

After hearing about the show, Napier’s initial reaction was less than enthusiastic.

“It would never go anywhere,” said Napier. “We didn’t think it would be possible. Why would it be possible to make a TV show in a town like Laurel, Mississippi? We love it very much, but that doesn’t mean everyone else would. So we had fun and never had any expectations.”

Well, whatever they did paid off because “Home Town” is now on its fifth season.

“I don’t think you can ever anticipate something like this,” said Napier. “It is such a happy surprise.”