‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Throws It Back to Past Rock Band Days With Awesome Guitar-Wielding Snaps

by Samantha Whidden

On Monday (August 23rd) Home Town star Erin Napier took to her Instagram account to share a throwback snapshot of her past rock band days. 

“Something you didn’t know: In high school, I had a band called Sunday’s Maria (an homage to Maria from all those @countingcrows songs),” Erin Napier revealed in the post. 

Napier further revealed that Sunday’s Maria played a lot of Blind Melon, as well as Alanis Morrissette, Ani DiFranco, and Barenaked Ladies cover songs. “I played at coffee shops and made my gas money. I had a hula girl on the dashboard of my Mitsubishi Eclipse and a ‘Joe Patti for President 🐠’ sticker on the bumper.  #themoreyouknow.”

Erin Napier Opens Up About Her Relationship With Her Husband 

During a recent interview with Atlanta Magazine, Erin Napier reflects on when she first met her husband and Home Town co-host, Ben Napier at Jones County Junior College. “He was the most popular person on campus. But he was kind to every person he encountered,” Erin shared. She also explained that he would sit at the table with whoever was eating alone at the student union. 

“I remember watching him from a distance and wishing I could be his friend,” Erin Napier also stated. “I didn’t want to blurt out, ‘I think you’re the best person I’ve ever seen and I’m in love with you.’”

Erin Napier ended up speaking to Ben while she was a part of the campus yearbook committee. She interviewed him for a series about the college’s “most interesting people.” After the interview, Ben asked her on a date. He met her parents within a week and the rest is history. 

Napier Reveals How She Handles Her Instagram Critics 

While chatting with US Weekly earlier this year, Erin Napier shared her thoughts about the criticism she experiences on Instagram. I don’t understand why people feel like they can say on social media things they would never say in person,” Erin stated. She also said she would never behave that way on social media and she expects everyone to have the same level of polite conversation. 

“I typically have a rude comment from someone and I can look at their profile and see this is a mother who has children,” Erin Napier continued. “This is another woman attacking me as a woman or a mother or whatever.”

While sharing how she responds to the comments, Erin Napier said, “I like to begin with, ‘You would absolutely not speak to me this way in person. Why do you feel like it’s okay to do it here? It’s not. And this little corner of the internet belongs to me so you’re not welcome anymore.’”

Erin Napier then said any time someone feels like they can be rude on her social media account, she lets them know this isn’t an acceptable way to communicate and they are not welcome on her account anymore. She then blocks them.