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How ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck and Wife Jillie Mack’s Marriage Began

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Tom Selleck has been a star for decades even before his role on Blue Bloods. Many fans know he is married to Jillie Mack. However, did you know how their relationship started?

Well, it turns out to be quite a peculiar story. Selleck was 38-years-old and filming in London. There, he went to the West End for a production of Cats the musical. Soon, the Lassiter actor was going to the theater time and time again. Jane Seymour, his costar at the time, wasn’t sure what was up with Selleck.

“I thought it [Cats] was good, but I couldn’t see going back a dozen times,” Seymour said about the situation.

While the actor likely appreciated the performance on stage, it was not the main reason he kept going back. No, it turns out his future wife, Jillie Joan Mack, was in the musical. She played Rumpleteazer. Soon, they went on a date. Then, things got more serious.

Before anyone could blink, Mack was everywhere with Selleck. They quickly fell for each other and she moved to Hawaii with the Blue Bloods actor. There, he was filming Magnum, P.I. Afterward, it was red carpet appearances and even his Hollywood Walk of Fame induction. After just a few years together, the two started to think about marriage. However, neither wanted it to be a big deal with pomp and circumstance.

That’s where Selleck’s brother, Bob, came in.

Tom Jenkins and Suzie Mack Get Married in Lake Tahoe, NV

After about three or four years together, it was clear they wanted to be married. With the help of Bob, Tom’s brother, they wed in secret. Away from the press, and away from the bright lights.

Bob got everything together with the 24 hour chapel in Lake Tahoe. The two love birds even came up with fake names so no one would know what was up. That’s a dedication to privacy. Selleck is big on privacy and moving out of the spotlight when possible.

So, “Tom Jenkins” and “Suzie Mack” arrived on August 7, 1987, at the 24-hour chapel. Tom was 42, Mack was 29. They said their “I dos” late in the night. It was kept so quiet that even the minister didn’t know who he was marrying off until he got to the chapel himself.

‘Blue Bloods’ Tom Selleck Scaled Back for Family

Following the wedding, the Blue Bloods star got started on being a family man. It seems he really wanted to make this work. So, he bought a ranch out in Ventura County, California and the two had a child together. Their daughter Hannah is their only child. Selleck does have an adopted son, Kevin, from his first marriage.

“I quit Magnum to have a family,” the actor said. “It took a long time to get off the train, but I try very hard to have balance, and this ranch has helped me do that.” The rest, as they say, is history for the star of Blue Bloods.