How Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl LV Ad Celebrates What We Have In Common: Being Outsiders

by Clayton Edwards

Some of the biggest highlights from Super Bowl LV didn’t happen during gameplay. In fact, one big highlight didn’t even happen on the field. Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl ad for Jeep was a high point of the night. We couldn’t help but notice how closely what he said during the ad aligned with what we believe here at Outsider.

As the ad starts, Bruce Springsteen talks about a chapel that sits in the center of the United States. He goes on to say that it never closes. All are welcome to gather in The Middle. Here at Outsider, we strive to be a virtual place to gather. Our goal is to be the heartbeat of this Great Nation. We want to capture that spark that brings us all together and nurture it into a roaring signal fire that leads us to a better tomorrow.

Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl ad was more than a commercial. It was a call to unity. We want to echo that call. We’re more than just news and outdoors. At our core, we are about unity.

No matter our differences, backgrounds, religions, or races we seek to look past those things that divide us, focus on what brings us together and move forward as one. Like The Boss, we know that we cannot get there through fear, or anger, or focusing on our differences. That can only be done by seeking common ground. Our goal is to be that common ground.

Bruce Springsteen Points the Way to Common Ground

Bruce Springsteen goes on to speak about freedom.

He says,  “As for freedom, it’s not the property of just the fortunate few. It belongs to us all. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, it’s what connects us. And we need that connection. We need the middle, we just have to remember that the very soil we stand on is common ground.”

We believe this as well. At Outsider, we believe in the freedom to roam together. To find that common ground by sharing knowledge and experiences. This sharing makes us stronger, more cohesive. The more united we are, the stronger we become.

You may think it’s strange that we resonate so deeply with what Bruce Springsteen said in the ad. But it really isn’t.

It’s all laid out in our story.

When we said, “We vote but we are outsiders of the political machine and we do not trust the agenda-based media. Rather, we are the voice of America and the community that has built this country, wants to make it better for all, and continues to serve it daily through an unwavering sacrifice from our teachers, first responders, military, architects, accountants, and skilled workers,” we meant it.

Following the dual agendas of the media has brought us to a place of great division. Only by stepping away from that and truly embracing our identity as Outsiders, can we once again find the unity that made this Grand Experiment the greatest nation that this world has ever seen.

Together, We Can Cross the Divide

Bruce Springsteen closes his narration with some words of hope. “We can make it to the mountaintop, through the desert, and we will cross this divide. Our light has always found its way through the darkness and there’s hope on the road up ahead.”

We feel that deep in our bones. This nation and her people have been through worse and came out better for it. We’ll do it again. Here at Outsider, we hope to be part of that journey. We will lend our spark to that light that shines through the darkness, to traverse the deserts, climb the mountains, and cross the divide.

We know that we can’t do it alone, though. It is only through strong community that we will get through this. The community tied together with the strongest commonality of all: being outsiders.

We are all free, we are all Americans, and we are all Outsiders. Like that little chapel in the middle of the country, we never close. We’re here, waiting for you to join us. Together, we will move forward.

The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train. It’s a big bonfire and you’re all welcome to come warm your hands by it with us. Together. As one. Outsiders.