How is ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Different from Regular ‘Wheel of Fortune?’

by Keeli Parkey

“Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” aims to give fans the same level of fun and entertainment just as the original “Wheel of Fortune” has for decades. However, there are a few differences between the shows.

According to, one significant difference fans will notice is that all the prize money won by the contestants on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” will be donated to charity.

In the usual version of “Wheel of Fortune,” the contestants get to take home what they win on the show. On “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune,” the celebrities will get to donate the money they win to whatever charity they choose. This should make for some very competitive episodes.

While the celebrities appearing on the show definitely want to win, things on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” aren’t as serious as they are on the original version of the show. According to, host Pat Sajak talked about this difference between the shows with UPI.

“We’ve jazzed up the set a bit, made it look a little more prime-timey, whatever that means,” Sajak reportedly said. “And it’s going to be a different kind of vibe. We want (the contestants) to play a good, solid game, but we’re mainly there to have fun. It’ll be a little lighter in attitude.”

According to, the celebrity version of the popular game show will air on ABC during primetime hours. It will include both Sajak and Vanna White. The celebrities will also be playing for a pretty hefty sum of prize money. The top amount is $1 million for charity.

Pat Sajak Happy to Bring ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ to Audiences

According to, Pat Sajak hopes the new version of the long-running game show will bring joy to fans. That is needed more than ever due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, the host said.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ is kind of a sign of normalcy for people; they were very glad to have us back on the air,” Sajak reportedly said. “So this seemed like a good time to expand into primetime a little bit, at least one time, and extend that normalcy.”

In addition to airing on ABC in a prime-time slot, the episodes of “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” will have a longer run time than the original show. According to, the original version of the show has episodes that are 30 minutes long. The “Celebrity” version will have episodes that are one hour in length. The extended episodes will give the celebrity contestants a chance to play two games of “Wheel.”

So, which celebrities will appear – or have appeared – on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune”? Well, there are several names you will probably recognize. According to reports, these names include Leslie Jones, Chandra Wilson Tony Hawk, and Robert Herjavec, just to name a few.