How ‘Criminal Minds’ Could Write Reid Back Into Paramount+ Revival

by Anna Dunn

Criminal Minds is getting a Paramount + revival, and some are wondering if they could write Reid back into the show. Criminal Minds was huge when it aired. The show, which followed a special group of FBI profilers, is known as one of the best network procedurals ever.

Matthew Gray Gubler starred in Criminal Minds as Spencer Reid and was a major fan favorite. It’s incredibly hard to imagine the show coming back without Gubler. The season finale saw major closure for Reid. Reid, who was quite the tortured and traumatized soul, spend the first half of the finale in the hospital suffering from an aneurism. During that state, he had a hallucination of his late Girlfriend. That encounter made him realize that it was time for him to leave the FBI.

It was a really sweet and deserving ending for Reid. And these revivals have to be careful about how they bring their characters back. Good endings are rare, and many people liked the fact that Criminal Minds ended with Reid saying goodbye.

However, Reid’s desire to solve mysteries could easily bring him back after a couple of years of rest. Potentially, the writers could find a way to frame it that Reid has grown a bit tired of living a “normal” life, and needs something more stimulating.

Here’s one of Matthew Gray Gubler’s Favorite Moments from ‘Criminal Minds’

Having worked on the show for 15 seasons, Matthew Gray Gubler had plenty of moments to pick from when asked for favorites. For him, it’s from a season 9 episode that he actually directed. The actor spoke about this in a Facebook Q&A.

“My favorite scene is — I had once directed an episode about human marionettes and a deranged madman turning people into puppets. And I directed a scene with this, I think really beautiful, but very ghastly dance to a lullaby version of a Pixies song,” he said.

Gubler takes a lot of pride in that scene because it was incredibly unique. Scenes like that are part of the reason that Criminal Minds stood out so much.

“And I’m really proud of that scene. It’s definitely, I know we’ve never done anything like that on ‘Criminal Minds.’ I don’t think anyone’s done something like that before, so I’m proud of that,” he continued.

Gubler has certainly done a ton on Criminal Minds already and has done incredibly well as both an actor and a director. But it’s hard to imagine a revival of the show being successful if he’s not involved. So even though he may be retired, it may be time to bring Reid back.