How Mike Rowe Would Convince Teens to Watch ‘Dirty Jobs’: ‘Tell ‘Em the Truth’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

For Mike Rowe, his show Dirty Jobs is more than just a television series. There is a message behind it that he wants kids today to know.

It goes without saying, but Mike Rowe is without a doubt best known for his work on the Discovery Channel series, Dirty Jobs. Rowe follows in the footsteps of those who work some of our nation’s most under-appreciated jobs. He also starred in a similar show on CNN called Somebody’s Gotta Do It.

It has been a while since we’ve seen new episodes of Dirty Jobs, but thankfully the show is coming back. Because of that, Rowe is sending a message to teens out there now who didn’t get the chance to watch him years ago. That all started when the Discovery Channel star replied to a fan of his named Ben.

“‘Mike — When I was seventeen, Dirty Jobs was ‘must-see TV.’ Today I’m 35, with seventeen-year-old twins. They don’t watch television. The only screen they care about is the one on their phone. As a marketing guy, I’m wondering how you’ll get them to watch?’ Ben Vogel.”

“Hi Ben,” Rowe replied in a recent Instagram post. “I thought I’d tell ’em the truth. If that fails, I’m counting on you to force them.”

Mike Rowe Sends Message to Teens

“Hi there. I’m Mike Rowe with an important message for all you kids out there.”

He then shows a clip of him getting down and dirty on Dirty Jobs.

“You know, back when I was doing this, many of you were just being born. And when I was doing that, you were learning how to walk. And then when I was doing that, you were in Kindergarten. The point is, many of you probably haven’t even heard of Dirty Jobs. But guess what? This massive hit show is coming back on the air! Just think of it. A show you’ve never heard of, hosted by a guy you don’t even recognize, how do you not watch?”

Fans of Dirty Jobs know the value of hard work. There’s no question about that. Many of those very same fans have been watching the show with their kids for a long time now.

“Watched this with my son who is now 19,” one fan replied. “Now I’m watching all the old episodes with my 6 year old who is excited for the new season.”

“My 3-year-old twin boys woke me up at 6 am the other morning to ask ‘Can we watch Dirty Jobs??’ They’re going to flip when they find out there’s a new season,” commented another fan.

“My kids are fascinated by old episodes of Dirty Jobs and are looking forward to seeing new ones,” a third follower wrote. “It has also allowed them an appreciation for what it means to work and do anything. Thanks Mike!”