How ‘NCIS’ Fans Felt About ‘Home Improvement’ Star Patricia Richardson as McGee’s Mother-in-Law

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

This week, former Home Improvement star Patricia Richardson made her small-screen return on NCIS. She revealed a few days earlier that it was a dream come true, as Richardson cited NCIS as her favorite program, partly due to her military family background.

Now, Richardson spoke on the experience working with this incredible cast of characters we have all come to know and love over the last twenty years. She told TV Line, “This whole job has been a blast. What a great show to work on. I don’t know if an actor could ask for a better working environment.”

Now, the episode has been released and fans loved Richardson’s character as Judy and the mother-in-law to McGee. One fan wrote on Twitter, “I LOVE seeing Patricia Richardson on television!! She is one of my all time favorite actresses!!! @NCIS_CBS #NCIS #HomeImprovement #ToolTime.”

Another fan wrote, “@stevebinder Please, please, please, can we keep Patricia Richardson – would love to see her recurring as Judy. Of course, if you ever wanted to do NCIS the sitcom, you have the cast in @SeanHMurray, Margo Harshman & Richardson. I’d watch that #NCIS.”

Richardson was a huge hit on the episode of NCIS with the fans. Folks obviously remembered her from her time as Jill Taylor on Home Improvement for many years, but she has not missed a beat. Once more, she played an entirely different character in this episode where she found herself doing everything she could to make it out of the episode alive to ensure she could come back for future episodes.

Patricia Richardson’s Future on NCIS

Richardson on the reception of she got behind-the-scenes, “I think everybody really likes this character. People on the set are going, ‘Maybe they can put you with Gary Cole,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t think so. This character is pretty out there. We don’t really know Gary that well yet, but this one is pretty out there for Gary.’ That would be opposites attract.”

If you recall, Cole came on the show to essentially replace Mark Harmon on the program. The latter moved to a more behind-the-scenes role. This kind of potential with Cole would be interesting. Richardson was a hit for the fans. The idea to pair her with Cole long-term while fans get to know both characters would not be a crazy idea. There are all kinds of ways to include her character a lot more going forward. There is still much to be done with her relationship with McGee and Delilah. Fans will have to wait and see if Richardson’s appearance on NCIS was a one-time deal. Maybe because of how much of a hit she was for the fans, perhaps her role could expand into something bigger down the line.