‘How to Be a Cowboy’ Star Dale Brisby Says He’s The Next Joe Exotic: Here’s Why

by Clayton Edwards

In hindsight, 2020 seems like a long, hellish fever dream. During a time when seemingly everyone was stuck at home with nothing to do, Joe Exotic took the world and the internet by storm. For a while, Tiger King was everywhere you looked. Netflix is looking to repeat that viral success with How to Be a Cowboy. Dale Brisby is at the center of that docuseries. He’s a seasoned ranch manager and bull rider. So, he knows what it takes to be a cowboy. It seems that he also has what it takes to be the new Joe Exotic.

Recently, Dale Brisby talked to TMZ about How to Be a Cowboy. They told Brisby that early reviews are comparing his new show to Tiger King. The comparison comes from the fact that many people believe that this show will be all over the internet and on the minds of millions of viewers. This is due to Brisby’s comedy chops and charisma. He had some thoughts on the comparison.

“The difference between this and Tiger King,” Dale Brisby explained, “is that I’m not in prison.”

Dale doesn’t have Joe Exotic’s criminal record and there are no tigers on Radiator Ranch. However, it’s easy to see that Brisby’s character is just as bold and captivating as Exotic’s. Additionally, he comes with years of experience and hard-won knowledge that he plans to impart to his viewers while he teaches his interns the ropes of cowboy life.

Dale Brisby On His Interns

In that same interview, TMZ asked Dale Brisby about his interns. He was more than happy to talk about the folks that come to work and learn at his ranch.

Brisby said that he grew up working on a ranch and riding bulls. Over the past eight years, he has been putting out videos on social media. As a result, he said, people have reached out to say, “Hey I want to learn to be a cowboy, ride bulls, and what have you.” He says that he started bringing some of those people to Radiator Ranch. Then, his intern program became a Netflix show.

As far as how long interns stick around the ranch, Dale Brisby said the longest-running intern stayed for about two and a half years. Several people come to his ranch as a way to start their cowboy careers. However, some only stay for a month or two. Those are the ones who decide that the cowboy life is too hard or dangerous for them. On the other hand, Brisby gets plenty of what he calls “Bucket list bull riders.” They come to the ranch, stick around for a while, ride one or two bulls, and leave.

To Brisby, the important thing is helping those who come to his ranch get a start in rodeo and ranching.