How to Watch ‘SEAL Team’s First Episodes on Paramount Plus for Free

by Lauren Boisvert

“Seal Team” has come under a lot of scrutiny lately from fans for their move to streaming platform Paramount+. Some fans are okay with it, as they already have Paramount+. But a lot are not willing to shell out the extra money for yet another streaming service. Which is understandable; there are already so many we have to subscribe to just to watch anything that’s not cable, and one more could be the breaking point.

But, fear not; there’s actually a way to watch the four newest episodes for free on Paramount+. The official “Seal Team” Twitter page tweeted recently, letting fans know they’re putting out a promo code for a month of Paramount+ for free. The promo code is VETERANS, and you can put that in when you sign up for the streaming service. If you really don’t want Paramount+ after that, make sure you cancel your subscription before the month is over.

It seems like “Seal Team” executives have taken note of the backlash from the move to Paramount+ and are offering a deal that might bring some viewers back. Only the numbers, and the comments, will tell if it works.

‘Seal Team’: Fans Comment on the Move to Paramount+

In the recent weeks since the move was announced, fans have been taking to social media to discuss what this means for their favorite show. The general consensus is that a lot of fans are giving up on “Seal Team” because they don’t want to pay for Paramount+.

“Sad to say a big no for me,” wrote one former fan on Twitter. “This was my new favorite show Seasons 1 & 2. I gave up watching 1/3 of the way into this year’s episode 1 and have no plans to start again.” Another fan felt viewers were being coerced into subscribing, writing, “We have Paramount+ but this move is heavy handed! How can we afford to pay for every service?”

There are also concerns that viewers in other countries won’t be able to watch the show anymore; Paramount+ is only available in the U.S. This isolates a lot of people from the show, both current and potential new viewers.

“Seal Team” star David Boreanaz has said that the move to streaming will take the show to the next level. They’ll be allowed to swear like actual Navy-men, for one thing. It also allows them to explore darker and more disturbing themes. “Seal Team” can now put its characters in more deadly, dangerous situations, and discover how that affects them emotionally and mentally. Things can get edgier and grittier than they already are, which is key when you’re writing a show about the trials of an elite Navy Seal squad.

So, the shift to streaming might be good for the show, but it’s still up in the air whether it’s going to be good for viewers.