How a Viral Super Bowl Meme Is Helping Raise Awareness About Owls

by Quentin Blount

It’s finally here, Outsiders. Super Bowl Sunday only comes around once a year and here in 2022, the big game is serving more than one purpose.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, lots of people have been searching the term “Super Bowl” online to get information about the game. But with one small typo, you can end up with a whole different set of search results than what you were expecting. Certain people found that out the hard way when instead of typing in “Super Bowl” they accidentally typed in “Superb Owl.”

As you can probably imagine, the contents of these two search results are going to be quite different. One will bring up football statistics and the top NFL storylines. The other will show you owls — lots and lots of owls. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing according to Matt Williams, the director of conservation with the Indiana Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. The accidental searches have put owls in the spotlight.

“I say anything that helps get the message out about the importance of conservation is a good thing,” Williams told CNN.

The official Twitter account for National Geographic even got in on the fun.

Owls in the Spotlight, Not in the Super Bowl

Sunday’s big game is being played between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. And yes, while both teams and their animal mascots are playing in the Super Bowl, you could make the argument that owls are actually benefiting more than rams or tigers thanks to the viral meme.

Matt Williams told the outlet all about owls. While many people think they are furry, adorable birds, they couldn’t be more wrong. It turns out that owls are some of the most vicious predators out there.

“Owls are voracious predators that hunt mostly at night using a very keen sense of hearing to help locate their prey,” Wiliams explained.

We know that neither Los Angeles nor Cincinnati has plans to change its team name. But that didn’t stop Williams from having a little bit of fun in describing which kind of owls could represent both Super Bowl teams. He listed off two different kinds of owls that would make sense for the Rams.

“For the Rams, I’d have to say the snowy owl of Harry Potter fame because their quarterback Matthew Stafford has been a wizard during their playoff run so far.”

Another owl that would fit nicely with the Rams? Williams says the California spotted owl could fit that bill.

When it comes to the Bengals, Williams had something in mind for them, too.

“It has a four-note call sometimes described as ‘hup, hoo-hoo, hooo,’ which seems like it could be an audible called at the line of scrimmage.”