‘I Dream of Jeannie’ Star Barbara Eden Revealed What it Was Like Guest-Starring with Clint Eastwood on ‘Rawhide’

by Jennifer Shea

Barbara Eden is perhaps best known for her starring role on “I Dream of Jeannie.” But she also guest-starred in an episode of “Rawhide” with Clint Eastwood.

In a Television Academy Foundation interview posted in July of 2014, Eden talked about what it was like guest-starring with Eastwood on the small screen.

“That was just before I did ‘Jeannie,’” Eden recalled. “He was very professional. Of course, that show had been on many, many years by then. And everyone sort of knew what they were doing. If you came into it, it was—you had to get used to it, because—and it was definitely a man’s show. This was not a woman’s world.”

“But I enjoyed it, I enjoyed it a lot,” she concluded. “Good scripts. Good direction. And Clint’s a wonderful actor.”

Eden Recalled ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ Co-Star Larry Hagman After His Death

After actor Larry Hagman died of cancer and cirrhosis of the liver in 2012, Eden spoke to ABC7 about her former co-star. Hagman played the astronaut, Major Tony Nelson, on the show.

“Larry had many, many facets to him, his personality,” Eden said. “He was very empathetic. He was full of life and he was a little devil. And I loved him very much.”

In his memoir, “Hello Darlin’,” Hagman described the freewheeling, drug-addled lifestyle he lived in his youth. He also detailed his ensuing 50-year battle with alcoholism, according to the BBC.

After “I Dream of Jeannie,” Hagman went on to star in “Dallas” as JR. He acquired more than 2,000 cowboy hats during this period of his life.

After Hagman’s death, his daughter Kristina published her own memoir, “The Eternal Party,” in which she explored the side of Hagman’s personality that Eden hinted at when she called him “a little devil.”

Hagman’s daughter revealed that Hagman frequently cheated on his wife, the Swedish fashion designer Maj Axelsson. He also did drugs, including psychedelic ones, and hosted frequent wild parties at which all the guests stripped down and jumped into his indoor Jacuzzi.

“People roamed around the house at all times of the day and night, and as I approached puberty, I learned to tell drunk and stoned men of every kind to get out of my room,” Kristina recalled.

By the time she appeared on “I Dream of Jeannie,” Eden had started a family of her own, so it’s unclear if she was ever among the guests at Hagman’s wild parties. But it’s clear Eden was able to see the good side of Hagman, despite his many flaws.

Watch the Television Academy Foundation interview here: