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‘I Love Lucy’: Desi Arnaz Was a ‘Sensational’ Cook and ‘Never Used a Recipe’

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

I Love Lucy star and producer Desi Arnaz was apparently a fantastic cook. According to his daughter, Lucie Arnaz, the man knew his way around the stove. Arnaz starred in I Love Lucy alongside Lucille Ball for almost six years. The two had two children, Lucie and Desi. They divorced in 1960.

Lucille Ball’s character was the one to do most of the cooking on I Love Lucy, but it looks like Arnaz had skills behind the scenes.

Lucie has grown to be quite a spokeswoman for her parents. Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball have both passed away, but Lucie loves to share stories of both of the I Love Lucy legends. For her, some of her fondest memories with her Dad involved food.

“My father was a sensational cook and he never used a recipe,” she told Arlene Henderson. “You know because he was ballsy, you know, he had a great sense of what smelled good together and you watched him cook with such abandonment and amazement. He was so good at what he did.”

Lucie Arnaz has Gotten Real about Her Parents Divorce after ‘I Love Lucy’

While Arnaz often has kind words about her parents, she also isn’t one to sugarcoat. In another interview, Arnaz described a couple of the reasons that her parent’s marriage went wrong. It was turbulent during I Love Lucy, and the couple divorced shortly after. A big reason? Arnaz didn’t have much of a problem seeing other women.

“There were only two things wrong with him,” she told Palm Springs Life .“He thought other women were no big deal and, eventually, alcohol. Other than that, he was like … a perfect person. Mom saw that for as long as she possibly could, but Dad was an islander. He just wanted to play music, make love to beautiful women, and cook pork.”

Growing Up with Famous Parents Wasn’t Always Easy

Arnaz has also detailed the struggles of growing up with famous parents. For her, it wasn’t necessarily because of their celebrity status. Because of their fame and roles in the industry, Arnaz’s parents were incredibly busy while she was growing up.

“What it is like to be the daughter of famous people is what it is like to be the daughter or son of two busy people, two working parents that are not home a lot. So that is the downside,” she told Arlene Henderson. While she said that they had their grandmother and staff around the house to take care of them, it wasn’t quite the same as having her parents.

Thankfully, she at least got those fantastic cooking memories with Desi and many more memories with her mother later on in life.

Arnaz is now working on a film about her parents, Being The Ricardos. It’ll follow a week in the life of the two I Love Lucy stars. It stars Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball and Javier Bardem as Desi Arnaz. Arnaz is helping make sure the authenticity in the film is kept alive, warts and all.