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‘I Love Lucy’: The ‘Job Switching’ Episode Featured a Real-Life Candy Dipper

by Madison Miller
Photo by: CBS via Getty Images

Even if you didn’t consistently watch “I Love Lucy,” the famous scene of Lucy and Ethel shoving candy in their mouths and clothes has become an infamous pop culture reference.

Other shows and movies have mentioned or mimicked it over the years. One of the most iconic stills from the show is Lucy in the middle of stashing candy in her shirt with her cheeks puffed out by how much candy is stashed in there.

The episode is certainly a memorable fan favorite. On IMDb, the episode, titled “Job Switching,” actually has 9.5 out of 10 stars. The episode first aired on September 15, 1952. The premise of the episode is that Ricky and Fred and Lucy and Ethel switch roles for the day. Ricky and Fred are at home doing housework. Meanwhile, Lucy and Ethel got a job at a candy factory to get money for their extravagant spending habits.

‘Job Switching’ Episode on ‘I Love Lucy’

According to Mental Floss, there is a scene where Lucy is dipping chocolates alongside another factory worker. This woman was actually a real-life candy dipper. Herb Browar, the stage manager, found the woman at See’s Candies on Santa Monica Boulevard.

The candy dipper’s name was Amanda Milligan. She was not a fan of “I Love Lucy” because her TV was usually tuned into wrestling on Monday nights instead. Despite her not knowing the context of the show, Browar thought her generally deadpan and serious facial expressions were the perfect pair to Lucy’s humorous and extravagant facial expression.

Milligan had to hit Lucille Ball in the face since it was in the script. She seemed hesitant, which worried Ball prior to filming. However, she smacked her so hard that Ball’s ears were ringing and she feared she had a broken nose. This was the only scene filmed because Lucille Ball did not want to do another take and get another slap.

Lucille Ball allegedly asked Milligan if she liked working in show business. Her response was, “I’ve never been so bored in my life.” For reference, she had spent 30 years putting a little swirl on small chocolates for eight hours every day. It’s certainly proof that acting isn’t for everyone.

There have been several colorized episodes of “I Love Lucy.” It started with a colorized Christmas episode in 2013 that attracted eight million viewers. Since then, there have been a couple of colorized episodes released every year. “Job Switching” was colorized. It features Lucy and Ethel in all-pink outfits as they eat the small candies. There was even a series of dolls made by Mattel that are of Lucy and Ethel in this classic episode.

It’s all proof just how timeless the show and some of its episodes are.