‘I Love Lucy’: Lucie Arnaz Shows Love to LIFE Magazine Cover Featuring Iconic Photo of Lucille Ball

by Joe Rutland

When the daughter of “I Love Lucy” star Lucille Ball gives a shoutout to an iconic magazine featuring her mom, then it’s worth taking note.

Lucie Arnaz, daughter of both Ball and Desi Arnaz, shared a photo on her Instagram account of a LIFE Magazine cover. It shows Ball in her Lucy Ricardo look while also letting readers know that actor Debra Messing has penned a special forward.

Take look at what Arnaz said in regard to the magazine.

There’s little doubt that “I Love Lucy” remains one of classic TV’s most beloved shows. Ball, then-husband Arnaz, Vivian Vance, and William Frawley provided many half-hours of laughs to CBS viewers in the 1950s.

Now all of that simply grew as Arnaz and Ball found ways to distribute “I Love Lucy” after the show’s initial run. This became the template for many shows to use when it came to reruns.

Lucie Arnaz is one of two children from the Ball-Arnaz marriage. Her brother is Desi Arnaz Jr. and both remain alive and well these days. In fact, both children starred with Ball on her third and final CBS sitcom, “Here’s Lucy.”

Arnaz, 69, currently lives in Palm Springs, Calif., with her second husband, Laurence Luckinbill. She has three children of her own.

‘I Love Lucy’ Worked To Find A Way Where Lucy’s Pregnancy Was Part Of Show

Back in the 1950s, network censors were charged with keeping subjects like sex off of TV shows. Even things like pregnancy were considered no-no’s to talk about or, well, even show.

“I Love Lucy” star Lucille Ball wasn’t about to put up with it. She was pregnant with her and Arnaz’s first child. Imagine having to put Ball behind a hair or desk all the time to hide her pregnancy. Arnaz was going to find a way to let Lucy be Lucy as much as possible.

There had to be a way to make it work past the censors. Well, here’s the deal. Ball, Arnaz, and show writer Jess Oppenheimer got together and put a script on the table.

Reportedly, Arnaz and Oppenheimer took the script to religious leaders. They gave it their OK. Also, the word “pregnancy” never gets uttered. Lucy is “expecting” or other words along the lines of pregnancy.

The show announces Lucy’s pregnancy when Desi, as Ricky Ricardo, is performing for an audience at the Tropicana Club. Someone passes Ricky a note that simply says someone at the club that night is going to have a “blessed event.”

Nary a mention of the word “pregnancy” on “I Love Lucy.” A very creative way to introduce and include Ball’s own pregnancy into the show.