‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball’s Daughter Lucie Arnaz Used to Do a Peculiar Thing to Make Extra Money

by Keeli Parkey

Growing up as a child of a huge celebrity has to be a weird experience. And, according to one child of the stars of the mega-hit television show “I Love Lucy,” her parents’ fame helped her make extra money in a somewhat peculiar way.

That child was Lucie Arnaz. And, as her famous first and last names suggest, she was the daughter of the legendary television stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. They were, of course, the stars of the iconic sitcom “I Love Lucy.”

Arnaz talked about her childhood during a December 2011 interview with The Television Academy Foundation.

“Desi (Arnaz Jr. – her brother) and I grew up here on Roxbury Drive here in Beverly Hills – 1000 North Roxbury Drive,” Lucie said during the interview. “And, it was such a simple little street back in those days. But, my mother lived in that house without a fence or without a wall or anything. And, people would come right up to the door and knock on the little door thing and (say) ‘Is Lucy home?'”

Child of ‘I Love Lucy’ Stars Shares Details About Growing Up in Beverly Hills

As simple as life was when she was growing up on that famous street, things changed for Lucie Arnaz and her family. However, before that change took place, she had some very, very, very famous neighbors. Among them were actors, comedians, singers, and composers.

“Now, I go by there and the people who bought the house from us, actually, have a huge wall and a big gate and they’re in the schmatta business. You know, I don’t know, it’s so different now,” Lucie Arnaz said. “Anyway, it was a simple time with the hard-working people in the neighborhood. You know, like Hal March lived down the street. Jimmy Stewart lived next door. Jack Benny lived on the other side of Rosie Clooney and Ira Gershwin. But, there was always also Alice Brittingham, you know, and the other normal people who did not have show business lives around.”

It was while living in that North Roxbury Drive home in Beverly Hills that Lucie Arnaz began her early career as an entrepreneur. And, she made money thanks to her famous “I Love Lucy” star of a mother.

“And, we used to sell lemonade and took little trinkets in front of the house,” Arnaz said. “I would clean out my room or my mother’s room on a good day. Go through the waste paper basket, you know, sell lipstick pieces of Kleenex.

“I actually was the first inventor of eBay now that I think of it,” she said.

You can watch Lucie Arnaz talk about growing up with her famous family in their Beverly Hills home below.