‘I Love Lucy’ Star Lucille Ball Explained How Dean Martin ‘Never Made a Wrong Move’ in Guest Appearance

by Keeli Parkey

During an appearance on “The Merv Griffin Show,” iconic “I Love Lucy” actress Lucille Ball shared many kind words about another star of the mid-20th century.

That other star was none other than Dean Martin. Dino, as he was also often called, once appeared with Ball in an episode of her sitcom. The topic of Martin came up as Ball and Griffin talked about her favorite television episode.

Of course, there are many moments of Lucille Ball’s television career from which to choose. There’s the time Lucy and Ethel worked in the candy factory. Or there’s the episode where Lucy tries Vitameatavegamin. Also, there’s Lucy’s encounter with Harpo Marx. Or, when she goes to Italy. The list goes on.

While those are all moments come from “I Love Lucy” episodes, Ball actually chose an episode from her 1960s sitcom, “The Lucy Show.”

“It’s not always the one that they pick,” she told Griffin as she motioned to the studio audience.

‘I Love Lucy’ Star Said Favorite Television Episode Was With Dean Martin

“Tell me your favorite episode,” Griffin then said.

“It was with Dean Martin,” Ball answered. “It was just a show where his stand-in was supposed to take me out to a big ball or something at the country club or someplace. And his stand-in had a very important date; it was very important to him. So, someone went to Dean and said, ‘It’s a shame that Eddie (the stand-in) has to give up (the date).'”

Dean Martin, according to Ball, then agrees to take her out. “So, I went out thinking I was going out with Eddie Feldman and I went out with the real Dino,” Ball recalled.

According to IMDb.com, this episode of “The Lucy Show” is titled, “Lucy Dates Dean Martin.” It originally aired on Feb. 14, 1966. Once she and Martin go on the date, hilarity ensues, as she thinks he is actually Eddie. And, she keeps saying that he has more talent than the real Dean Martin.

During that interview with Merv Griffin, the “I Love Lucy” star had nothing but praise for the legendary Dean Martin.

“And Dino was so sensational,” she said. “On top of which, we usually took from Monday to Thursday evening to do the show. Dino was too busy to come in from Hawaii until Wednesday.”

Unsurprisingly, this made Lucille Ball and other people working on the show nervous. And they made sure they were ready to go with Martin arrived on set.

“Well, that man walked in and knew every word, knew every move … and gave the greatest performance. (He) never made a wrong move,” Ball also said. “And it was a good storyline. I just loved it. That’s my favorite show.”

You can watch “I Love Lucy” star Lucille Ball make an appearance on “The Merv Griffin Show” below. Her comments about Dean Martin being around the 16:50 mark of the video.