‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s Palm Springs House Can Be Rented Out for 5-Star Hotel Price

by Joe Rutland

Looking for a $500-a-night getaway? Go stay at the home once owned by “I Love Lucy” stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

The home in Indian Wells, Calif, which once belonged to television’s greatest couple, has been fixed up a little bit. It still holds some of the charm that Ball and Arnaz had installed when the house was built.

Now there was work done on what’s billed “The Lucy House” in 2012, yet there are parts that harken back to the 1950s, according to an article on Dwell.

It’s just one of the many properties Ball and Arnaz had in the Indian Wells area. In 1957, they had the 42-room Indian Wells Resort Hotel, located across from Indian Wells Golf Course, built. It was originally known as the Desi Arnaz West Hills Hotel.

‘I Love Lucy’ Stars’ Home Can Host Up To Six Guests A Night

That hotel remains in operation to this day. Another home that the couple built is located on the 17th hole fairway of Thunderbird Golf Course.

“The Lucy House” is available for six guests maximum and can only be rented out for seven nights per reservation.

Among the house’s highlights include a 48-foot refrigerator in the kitchen and a large pool area. In the pool area, it includes a retro seating area for alfresco meals. There’s also a swim-up bar for visitors who’d like to have some cool beverages out there.

Could you imagine being out in the sunny Palm Springs area for some rest and relaxation? Then you have a place to consider staying, one built by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. For a few nights, you, too, could have an opportunity to be in the same space where two of television’s greatest stars lived.

Desi Arnaz Stayed Busy Building Up Real Estate Holdings

Arnaz really built up a lot of real estate holdings during his marriage to Ball. He focused on getting different homes and, yes, the hotel up and running.

Originally from Cuba, Arnaz found success first as a bandleader in his native homeland and in Miami. His role on “I Love Lucy” as bandleader Ricky Ricardo was no stretch for him to play as it was art imitating life. He took a vast amount of money from the couples’ production company and studio and bought up land.

It was not unusual for big stars to do this back in that time. Bob Hope, who had a long-term working relationship with NBC, reportedly never really wanted money in his yearly contracts. What Hope wanted was land, which the network would make a deal with him for as he negotiated his own contracts.

But Ball and Arnaz were very smart about their business deals. The high-profile couple ended up getting divorced due to a number of problems in their marriage. For a period of time, Lucy and Desi were magic on the small screen. It’s still available to be seen by people all over the world in reruns.