‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball Adorably Detailed Plans for Her First Grandson in Classic 1981 Interview

by Quentin Blount

There is no question about it — I Love Lucy star Lucille Ball was fired up to be a new grandma back in 1981.

We all know and love Lucille Ball as one of the most popular stars of the 1950s, thanks to her role on the classic sitcom I Love Lucy. But when it came to the intimate details of her personal life, we are still finding out more and more about her every day.

Ball sat down for an interview on the Merv Griffin Show in 1981, where she talks about what it’s like to be a first-time grandma.

“I’m so glad to see you, Lucy! Look at those blue eyes! They’re shining!” Griffin tells the actress. “Must be a happy time of your life, huh, grandma? Do you like that title? The new one, grandma Lucy.”

“Well, he really is beautiful. Simon is beautiful,” Ball says with a smile. “You know when someone says that their grandson is even more beautiful than their children, that’s saying something.”

‘I Love Lucy’ Star Was Gearing Up to Watch Her Grandson at the Time of the Interview

We’re sure that all grandparents can relate — there isn’t anything better than spending time with your grandkids. And Lucille Ball was very excited as she prepared to watch her first grandson, Simon. She would be watching him for six weeks while her daughter, Lucie Arnaz, started a new movie.

“I’m going to get the chance to take care of him in Santa Fe for about six weeks,” she explained. “Lucie is starting a service down there. I have offered my services and I think I’m going to be elected. I hope.”

Of course, after learning that Ball would be watching her grandson for six weeks, he asked the star actress if she would ever give the baby back.

“Yes, unfortunately,” she replied.

She was also asked whether or not she was going to spoil little Simon.

“Well you can’t spoil a baby when he’s too young,” she said. “So, I’ll have to wait until he gets a little older.”

“But you’ll probably put a Rolls-Royce in his name?” Griffin fires back.

“Oh, hell no!” Ball says with a laugh. “I have books and I have adventures, and little trips and picnics and things that I have planned,” she admitted. “I hope I have the chance to do with him.”

You can watch the entire 47-minute interview with I Love Lucy’s Lucille Ball down below:

Simon, of course, wouldn’t be the only grandchild for Lucille Ball. And he wasn’t the only child for Lucie Arnaz. She had three children with actor and writer Laurence Luckinbill: Simon, Joseph, and Katharine. Nowadays, Lucie’s son, Simon, is just over 40 years old.