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‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball Would Frequently Have Friends’ Dogs Over, Called Her House a ‘Kennel’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

In addition to being the beloved star of “I Love Lucy,” Lucille Ball was an animal lover. In fact, she liked dogs so much that she often allowed her children and friends to leave their dogs at her home.

This happened so often that it led to arguments between her and her second husband, Gary Morton. Ball talked about this during an interview with Warner Roberts. The interview took place around the time Ball’s film “Mame” debuted in 1974.

According to what Ball said in that interview, she and Morton rarely argued. There was once an argument over a vacation, after which she said she didn’t “speak to him for three days.”

But, even though she didn’t often argue with Gary Morton, the husband and wife would disagree about the number of animals the “I Love Lucy” star would allow to stay at their home.

“… but usually it’s because I’ve let too many of friends’ dogs visit in the backyard and kept them over the weekend,” Lucille Ball said. “We had a big argument about that.”

And, to her credit, Ball realized that she just might have allowed too many dogs to visit their home.

“It looks like a kennel in our backyard most of the time,” she added. “We have a beautiful backyard. It’s very easy for people, especially my children and their friends to say, ‘Could we leave our dog over the weekend?'”

On one particularly busy weekend, the “I Love Lucy” might have welcomed a few too many dogs into her backyard.

“One weekend we had nine – it was a little much,” she recalled. “[My husband, Gary Morton] had a right to complain. But, he is a pretty great guy. …”

‘I Love Lucy’ Star Shared More About Marriage to Gary Morton During Interview

Based on what Lucille Ball told Warner Roberts during their interview, her marriage to Gary Morton was a happy one. She even said that she wanted to do more to “accommodate” him.

“I wish I could be more chic,” she added. “He loves clothes. He’s a clothes buff, as well as a golf buff and he could open up a store in his dressing room. He likes clothes. Look, that’s better than booze, broads, and gambling, right? So, anyway, I wish I could be more chic for him.”

According to her biography on IMDb.com, Lucille Ball and Gary Morton married on Nov. 19, 1961. They were still married when she passed away on April 26, 1989.

You can watch the “I Love Lucy” star talk about her backyard “kennel” and more with Warner Roberts below. She begins talking about keeping other people’s dogs around the 7:30 mark of the interview.