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‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball Received Tons of Praise from ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ Star Barbara Eden After Working on Show

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Barbara Eden mystified audiences across the country with a nod and a blink in the ’60s sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie.” Over 47 years later, fans are still recognizing her as a beloved icon. Before Eden got her big break, she made a cameo in another classic sitcom: “I Love Lucy.” She appeared in one episode as a young socialite Diana Jordan in “Country Club Dance.”

During an interview with Fox News, Eden revealed what it was like to work with the late icon, Lucille Ball. “Oh my, that was mind-boggling for me. It was the third job I had in Los Angeles and she was so good to me,” Eden said. “I can’t tell you how sweet she was. I had a dress on that she didn’t think was outstanding enough. She asked me to take it off and the next thing I knew, she was sitting there putting sparkling things all over it, just to make it look better.”

Eden commented on Ball’s generosity during her guest appearance. Ball decided that the tight dress she had to wear wasn’t distinctive enough. As a result, Ball and her hairstylist then proceeded to sew sparkles onto the costume. “Here’s the star of the show making this young woman look better. She was just so wonderful and so talented. Of course, I couldn’t believe I was there.”

Lucille Ball Makes Flattering Offer To Barbara Eden

According to Eden, Ball was so impressed with her comedic abilities, she even offered her a contract with Desilu Productions. However, Eden was waiting to hear if the network would be moving ahead with “I Dream of Jeannie.” Later that day, Fox informed Eden they were going through with the show. Eden thanked Ball but declined the offer.

“She wanted to sign me to a contract because she believed in comedy. She thought I had a great bent for that. But at the time I had already tested at Fox, and I received the phone call while I was on the set. They picked up my option and so, instead of “Lucy” I went to Fox.”