‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball Gushed About Why Second Husband Gary Morton Was a ‘Winner’

by Keeli Parkey

Years after her very public divorce from Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball found happiness in another relationship. Ball and Arnaz starred in the iconic sitcom “I Love Lucy” from 1951 until 1957.

According to a report by FoxNews.com, Ball and Arnaz divorced in 1960. Citing a report by Closer Weekly, the news agency said that while Ball and Arnaz had “undeniable chemistry” when they worked on “I Love Lucy” things weren’t so great for them behind the scenes. The report said his alcohol use, as well as his extramarital relationships, were hurtful to Ball.

After her divorce from Arnaz, Lucille Ball married comedian Gary Morton in 1961. And, according to the report, she was very happy with her new husband and their relationship.

Ball reportedly shared her feelings about Morton in letters she sent to a friend during the early 1980s. “Boy, did I pick a winner!” she said. “After 19 years with that Latin lover I never expected to marry again, but I’m glad I did!”

FoxNews.com also referenced an interview a friend of Lucille Ball’s gave to Closer Weekly during 2018. That friend’s name was Carole Cook.

“People wonder why they got divorced, but I wonder how they stopped from killing each other,” Cook reportedly said. “Desi had it together when they were building the empire, but once they attained it, it just wasn’t exciting anymore, and things fell apart.”

‘I Love Lucy’ Star Lucille Ball and Second Husband Were Set Up By One of Her Comedian Friends

According to FoxNews.com, Lucille Ball was almost 50 years old when she first met Gary Morton. The two were reportedly set up by Jack Carter. Carter was a comedian and a friend of the legendary actress. Morton was 13 years younger than Ball. And, even though she was hesitant to go out without anyone, Ball agreed to the date.

Luckily for her, things went very well. According to the report, Ball and Morton had a very late dinner together. They had pizza and Lucille Ball started to fall for him.

“When that first evening ended and Gary took me home, I felt more like myself than I had in months,” Ball reportedly wrote to her friend. “I realized Gary had the natural humor of someone who loves to laugh and wants everyone to laugh with him. That made two of us.”

Lucille Ball and Gary Morton reportedly dated for 11 months before they decided to get married. According to FoxNews.com, their 1961 wedding took place before 40 guests. In attendance at the wedding were the two children Ball shared with Arnaz. Lucie was 10 at the time. Desi Jr. was 8.

The report also shared that fans were there to greet Ball and Morton after they exchanged vows. “We were dumbfounded when we left the church to find a thousand people jamming the Fifth Avenue sidewalk,” Ball shared with her friend. “They were smiling and calling out, ‘Good luck, Lucy!’ It made us feel very, very good – starting our life together with so many good wishes.”

Lucille Ball and Gary Morton were still married at the time of her death in 1989.