‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball’s Daughter Posts Touching Family Photos of TV Icon Dad Desi Arnaz for Father’s Day 2021

by Madison Miller

On and off the screen, Desi Arnaz was quite the father figure. He was the father to Little Ricky on the screen, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo’s adorable, drum-playing child on “I Love Lucy.”

However, off the screen he had two incredible children — Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. Arnaz was married to his fellow co-star and television mastermind, Lucille Ball. The two divorced in May of 1960. They remained incredibly close friends as well as the loving parents of their two children.

Desi Arnaz’s bond with his two kids has been incredibly clear over the years. Both his son and daughter speak highly of both their late mother and father. They have also both been active in keeping up with their “I Love Lucy” parent’s ongoing impact. Both are executive producers in the upcoming drama, “Being the Ricardos,” which is in production. It stars Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as their parents.

Lucie Arnaz posted a sweet collection of home photos of her father Desi as well as the other father figures in her life. She captioned it, “To all of the fathers in my Arnaz- Luckinbill-Conner world. God bless you and thank you!”

In an interview with Closer Weekly from 2020, she spoke about how grateful she is that her father is starting to get more recognition for his years of hard work in the industry.

“He did a lot, and I think people now do know about it, because it’s been written about. I don’t know if it was written about enough during his lifetime, but it is now and it’s lovely that people acknowledge that,” Lucie Arnaz said.

‘I Love Lucy’ Daughter Talking About Cuban Roots

In many ways, Desi Arnaz continues to be a major role model for Lucie Arnaz. In an interview with Miami Herald from 2010, she shares that his passion and talent for music is what originally drew her to her love for music.

“I think the music is probably one of the big things that I get from being his daughter. I mean it’s a part of me, it’s something I really love and this is my opportunity now, in my prime, to get to know the best of my father. The best of my father is the memory of what he did well and the music was one of them,” she said.

Lucie Arnaz had a show called “Latin Roots” in the past. It is a homage to the Cuban bandleader and actor Desi Arnaz. It is a version of the original show called “Babalu” she and others once did to honor her father. This was called “Babalu: A Celebration of the Latin Music Craze of the 40s and 50s as Seen Through the Music of The Desi Arnaz Orchestra” from 2010.

Many people know his song “Babalu” because of its appearance on “I Love Lucy” originally. However, he created a lot more wonderful creations over the years.

“My father was a showman, and for years this music was only available on the old 78 vinyl records. I made it my mission to bring those gold standards back to audiences. My father had a gift for picking great song writers to work with,” Lucie Arnaz said to Lehighvalleylive.com.