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‘I Love Lucy’: Meet Lucille Ball’s Grandchildren

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by J. Wilds/Getty Images)

Lucille Ball’s legacy in the entertainment industry will live on forever as many generations of actors and comedians look to the icon for inspiration. Not only will her legacy continue through her films and television shows, but also with her family. 

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz welcomed a daughter in July 1951 and named her Lucie Désirée Arnaz. Less than two years later, the couple welcomed their second child, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV, also known as Desi Arnaz, Jr. Decades later, the children, now adults, have become proud parents themselves. 

Lucille Ball’s Memory Continues Through Grandchildren

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz became grandparents when their son Desi Jr. Arnaz welcomed a daughter, Julia Arnaz. Desi Arnaz Jr. later married Amy Laura Bargiel. Arnza Jr. legally adopted Bargiel’s daughter from a previous marriage named Haley. Now, 44-years old, Haley appeared in a 2001 special to honor Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy’s 50th Anniversary Special. 

Tragically, Julia’s daughter, Desiree S. Anzalone, died from breast cancer on Sept. 27, 2020, at 31. She was first diagnosed with cancer when she was 25. “She was so special. All our children are special, but this little girl was something else,” Julia said at the time. “We were [best friends]. We are still.”

Lucille Ball and Arnaz’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz, married Philip Vandervort Menegaux in 1971. Later, Lucie married her second husband in 1980, and they welcomed three children: Simon, Joseph, and Katharine Luckinbill.

Simon, now 40-years-old, is an accomplished artist. His sister, Katharine, followed in her mother and grandmother’s footsteps and currently works as an actress. When Kate was 17, she was crowned queen of the 75th Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. Coincidentally, in 1964, her grandmother served as grand marshall, ait was the same festival.

Joseph Luckinbill is a musician who’s played stringed instruments since he was 8-eight-years-old. He graduated from Shenandoah University with a bachelor’s degree in music. He now teaches music lessons to children. Even though Lucille Ball has long since passed away, her comedic and entertaining spirit lives on through her grandchildren.